SooperPodcast #30!! Cypriots! CPAC Shenanigans! Hamas Racism Against Obama!!

This Sooperpodcast we have our regulars @SaintRPH and @DefendWallSt talk about all sorts of news items including the Cypress Bank bailout, shenanigans at CPAC, Jim Carrey is an idiot, pork chop sandwiches, Obama in the Middle East, and Syria!!


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Some links to stories we discussed:

Twitchy: Jim Carrey’s ‘Cold Dead Hand’: Here’s a song for ‘heartless motherf*ckers unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids’

The Mess in Cypress

Snippets from Ashley Judd’s Speech via Charlie Spiering

Pop Reference: GI Joe Porkchop Sandwiches!!! [explicit language]

Los Angeles Times Less Than Glowing Report of Obama’s Middle East Visit

Obama Releases $500 Million Of Frozen Cash to Palestinian Authority While His Popularity Plummets in the Middle East

Hamas’ Twitter Account Calls Obama The “Jewish Organ Grinder’s Monkey”

When Rick Perry Was Smeared As a Racist For Calling Obama’s Debt “A Dark Cloud”

Mexifacts: Did Saruman Establish the Terrorist Organization Hamas?

U.S. still paying survivor benefits to children of Civil War vets

Sooper Livetweeting “Chupacabra Versus the Alamo!” Starring Erik Estrada!!

Soopermexican’s Bank Wire Information for donations!!

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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