Democrat Senators Mary Landrieu and Bob Menendez Angrily Rebuke Ted Cruz’ Stance Against Support Forced Abortions


Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (democrat) joined accused child rapist Bob Menendez (democrat) in rebuking their colleague Ted Cruz for daring to stand up against forced abortions on Saturday. In fact, Mary was so incensed that Cruz would dare speak up to demand that the United States not support those countries who force women to kill their children, she marched right over to his desk and yelled at him.

That’s a gutsy call.

This is not terribly surprising for Mary Lendrieu, who flip flopped on abortion funding when she voted for Obamacare, and earlier when she supported Obama’s reversal of the Mexico City policy, which would restrict US funding of foreign abortions.

Accused rapist of Dominican Republic underage sex workers, Bob Menendez would be for abortion for obvious reasons, which might explain why he secured $3.1 million dollars for a partner of Planned Parenthood before his reelection in 2012.

Luckily for the advocates of forced abortions, Landrieu and Menendez were successful in defeating the bill that Ted Cruz spoke out in favor of.

Now the United Nations can continue to affirm the worst offenders of civil liberties in order to hate and criticize the greatest proponent of freedom and liberty, the United States of America, which also funds the majority of the UN while giving it free offices in New York.

Forward comrade democrats!!

By the way, Mary Landrieu, forced abortion advocate, is up for reelection in 2014. Apropos of nothing.