Seth Rogen Joins Jim Carrey in Trolling Republicans on “Funny or Die”


Recently Jim Carrey began a firestorm when he mocked Charleton Heston in a video for “Funny or Die” in order to press Obama’s gun control agenda. Some conservatives argued that this was merely a way to troll republicans and secure more views for his video.

It seems like comedic actor Seth Rogen is striving to continue in the tradition of stupidly mocking the political right.

In his latest video commercial for “Hilarity for Charity”, Rogen runs through a few scenarios of what he would do if he could be “the worst person in the world” and it includes voting for Mitt Romney among other things like robbing a liquor store and shooting his accomplice, cooking up methamphetamines with Walter of “Breaking Bad,” and waking up with hookers with a syringe popping out of his vein.

The video is mediocre at best, but he bravely includes a jab at conservatives probably for the same reasons Carrey did.

Seth Rogen has used his every ounce of wit to go after republicans before, as when he compared the Mitt Romney campaign to Nazism.

If you want to see the video, google it. I won’t link that crap.