Debbie Wassherface Schultz Tweets for “Mom-in-Chief” Michelle Obama; Blocks Handsome Latino Blogger

I swear they plan this just to troll conservatives:


This reminds me of Hilary’s insistence that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and more recently, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry saying that children are the property of the collective state. It’s rather disgusting when you consider that the “commander in chief” title applied to the president has to do with his overseeing the military, not every citizen.

For them to apply “mom-in-chief” to Michelle is affirming that we’re not just her little children to be infantalized by the state, but that we’re in an army of little children just waiting for the mother of government to give us commands.

Well, here was my contribution to her idiotic “Mother’s Day card” for Michelle Obama, ghost-written for the Mompants-in-Chief President:


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Also, Debbie Wassherface Schultz, permed DNC chair chupacabra, continued the fine thin-skinned tradition of this administration by blocking the handsome and mysterious conservative extremist blogger, soopermexican:


Pfft. Loser.

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