Mother Jones Very Concerned African-American Murderers, Rapists, and Pedophiles Targeted By Racist GOP Food Stamp Cut


This Memorial Day weekend, while Americans are celebrating their freedom, and hopefully honoring and remembering those who fought and died for us to have our freedom, the dim-witted liberals at Mother Jones are worried that African American murderers rapists and pedophiles might not get enough food stamps.

And why is that?

Those mean, no good, vile racist Republicans are targeting blacks (again!) by demanding that murderers, rapists and pedophiles have their food stamp benefits cut!!! That’s worse than Hitler!!!

Wait a minute, Soopermexican… aren’t you implying that African Americans rape, murder and commit pedophilia at a higher rate than other ethnic groups?! Isn’t that raaaaacist?!?

Well yeah, kinda, but Mother Jones is chock full of bleeding heart liberal pendejos, so they’re excused:

On Wednesday the Senate agriculture committee approved a GOP proposal that would amend the farm bill the Senate is considering to ban “convicted murderers, rapists, and pedophiles” from getting food stamps. On its surface, the idea sounds unobjectionable, but the measure would have “strongly racially discriminatory effects,” according to the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP).

YOU, however, are racist for even asking that question, reader. I hope you’re happy.

So the IRS targeting hard-working self-reliant Americans over their political ideology is not a big problem at all, but taking away food stamps for murderers, pedos and rapists is a tragic outrage!!! As long as they’re black.

Happy Memorial Day.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, African-Americans receive food stamps at a much higher rate than Gringo Americans, Latino Americans, and Asians (about three times as much in 2011). However, since Gringo Americans comprise more of the population, the absolute number of gringos on food stamps is higher than blacks or others (16.5 million gringos versus 10 million blacks on food stamps).

When America is 16 trillion dollars in debt and liberals are whining about black pedophiles and rapists not getting enough welfare benefits, you have to wonder why we keep losing elections.

Racism. That’s why.