Detestable Lena Dunham Says Conservatives Wish Her Cancer via Twitter; No Such Tweet Exists, Update: Found it!

Crazy Lena Dunham is making some assertion that “conservative dudes” are tweeting to her that they hope she gets breast cancer:


Of course, her army of breathless idiots retweeted in horror that anyone could possibly do such a thing.

First of all, it’s twitter. Any dimwit who can type can get on it and say anything. To point to one guy saying stupid things mean nothing.

Second, IF someone actually had done that, wouldn’t there be some evidence of it? Why didn’t she just retweet it for all to see?

Here’s a search with Lena Dunham and  the words “breast cancer” – nothing shows up before her tweet.


Well maybe they deleted it right? But why would someone who would say such a terrible thing in the first place be ashamed when they were called on it? Also she said conservatives, plural – more than one? I can’t find anyone who has said that to her via tweet at any time.

Finally, where is the furor when liberal trolls do much worse to those on the right? Dana Loesch got much worse from liberals, as did Ann Romney, who got a death threat after being on Jay Leno’ show.

I was wrong. The offender strung along the words “breast cancer” in a hashtag so they didn’t show up in my search. Here it is: