SooperPodcast #39!! Greg Sargent’s Idiocy, ScandalPalooza and Occupy the Farm!!


This episode we discuss the ongoings at ScandalPalooza, why Greg Sargent is a pendejo and how @DefendWallSt and I schooled him on the twitters, a breaking news flash from Albany California at Occupy the Farm, and Matt Dawson (@SaintRPH) debuts his new Lois Lerner Tax Return commercial, and talks about crazy Imams telling crazy Muslims to molest grocery checkers! WOW!!!

The show usually airs on 10pm on the FTR online radio network every Thursday at 10PM EST. Join us in the chat room!

By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!! Also, the FTR version is limited to 56 minutes but the podcast version will often EXTEND to more insanity! Wow! For free!!


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Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Four Chicago Gun Deaths While Obama Advocates for Gay Marriage at Swanky $50,000 Donor Dinner

While Barack Obama visited his rich donors at a swanky Chicago dinner where tickets cost $50,000, the common rabble were dying in the streets without protection against criminal gun violence because of Chicago’s stringent gun laws:

President Barack Obama came home to Chicago on Wednesday to raise money for House Democrats — and he used the occasion to give a key boost to a state bill that would legalize gay marriage.

“Here in Illinois, we’ve got a vote on same-sex marriage that’s going to be coming up in the Legislature,” Obama told donors at his second fund-raiser of the night. “ I just want to say for the record it’s something that I deeply support.”

Let’s hope that all the grieving families of the dead are consoled by the thought that Obama is tackling the issue of gay marriage head on!!

Also, eleven others were wounded by gun violence.

Much like Benghazi, while Americans died, Obama slept warmly in his bed. Here’s a map of his house and the deaths which occurred while he made his campaign visit:

Too bad those poor people couldn’t have found shelter at his donor dinners, but I doubt they could have afforded to:

At the Hilton, about 100 supporters were on hand at a reception where tickets started at $1,000 each and topped out at $5,000 for two tickets and a photo.

From there, Obama headed to the Streeterville home of longtime supporters Bettylu and Paul Saltzman. Tickets there ran from $10,000 for dinner and photo to $50,000 for a table, photo and preferred seating.

What a great advocate for the poor people of Chicago!

If only we could extend his incredible community organizing skills out to the rest of America and to the world!

Gringo Army Orders!! Beat Back the Liberal Hordes Attacking Ted Cruz!!

Apparently the liberal dirtbags are going to try to attack Senator Ted Cruz for daring to defend our God-given 2nd Amendment rights! This is a third stage pendejo alert. All Gringo Army recruits to alarm!

Hostilities will commence at 5:30pm tonight EST, when lazy shiftless liberal degenerates will tweet against Ted Cruz in the hashtag #YouCruzYouLose, we will hijack the hashtag, and also try to trend #CruzToVictory!

Get typing, twitter-assassins!

Thanks to Erick Erickson at Red State for alerting everyone about this.


#CruzToVictory trending, liberal idiots no where to be seen.

Trending worldwide now:

SooperVideo: Rancorous RINO Christie Defeats President Mompants in Harrowing Jersey Shore Football Toss Competition

After seeing a video of the bromance between Jersey Gov Chris Christie and President Pendejo Mompants today, I wondered aloud, on the twitters, if Obama got the teddy bear prize out of affirmative action?


Sometimes I inspire myself:

Racist Markos Moulitsas’ Post Assumes All Latinos Are Illegal


Oh Markos Moronlitsas, how many times have you accused conservatives of assuming all Latinos are illegal, and then you run and do it yourself? In a world where reason reigns, this would be hypocrisy, but not on Daily Kos, the liberal website for dim-witted troglodytes.

The first one would prevent Obama from giving welfare benefits to these immigrants, the second requires immigrants to do what everyone else already has to do, the third prevents these tax-paying immigrants (see demand #2) from getting the benefits their taxes are paying for, and the fourth denies these immigrants a benefit of the work they’ve provided.

and continues:

 They are punitive for the sake of being punitive.

Except in the headline, Mensolitsas identifies the Latinos being punished as the same ones who the Republicans want to court for their vote. Wow, that’s kinda racist to assume that ALL Latinos are illegal, and that all illegals are Latino! Good job, dumbass!

This comes on the heels of those other liberal morons at Mother Jones posting an article affirming that African Americans rape, murder and commit pedophilia more than everyone else! Not only that, but they’re worried they won’t get enough welfare!!!

Can’t wait for what else the left comes up with!!!


Detestable Lena Dunham Says Conservatives Wish Her Cancer via Twitter; No Such Tweet Exists, Update: Found it!

Crazy Lena Dunham is making some assertion that “conservative dudes” are tweeting to her that they hope she gets breast cancer:


Of course, her army of breathless idiots retweeted in horror that anyone could possibly do such a thing.

First of all, it’s twitter. Any dimwit who can type can get on it and say anything. To point to one guy saying stupid things mean nothing.

Second, IF someone actually had done that, wouldn’t there be some evidence of it? Why didn’t she just retweet it for all to see?

Here’s a search with Lena Dunham and  the words “breast cancer” – nothing shows up before her tweet.

Well maybe they deleted it right? But why would someone who would say such a terrible thing in the first place be ashamed when they were called on it? Also she said conservatives, plural – more than one? I can’t find anyone who has said that to her via tweet at any time.

Finally, where is the furor when liberal trolls do much worse to those on the right? Dana Loesch got much worse from liberals, as did Ann Romney, who got a death threat after being on Jay Leno’ show.

I was wrong. The offender strung along the words “breast cancer” in a hashtag so they didn’t show up in my search. Here it is:

Mexclusive!! IRS Releases New Simplified Tax Form 1040 TEA-EZ for Tea Party Taxpayers!!

Fresh off the IRS scandal that has rocked the Obama administration and gotten official Lois Lerner in a lot of trouble, the IRS is releasing a new simplified form for Tea Party patriots!! And WE at the Sooper Mexy Blog have gotten our brown little greedy fingers on a copy before the big review!!

So exciting!!!

Well stop freaking out and read it already!!!

If anyone is bored and actually computes their taxes under the new 1040 Tea-EZ form, please post it in the comment section!!

What Should Americans Do For Memorial Day?

“Well I think everybody should have a barbecue. I think they should hug their kids, and high-five their friends and embrace each other, and I think they should enjoy baseball that day, and everything they can to embrace the life that my son has given them and the fallen from Vietnam to today’s wars, to World War I, to everyone. They’re there, they’re dying for these things, these intangible things that we get to live and have. It’s not a bad thing to laugh, and smile and enjoy Memorial Day, I think, if you have reverence for… how we got there.”

These words are from Jordan Stanton, a father of a soldier who died in the service of our country. This was a part of a great radio talk show hosted by Bryan Suits, on KFI AM 640. Listen to the show here. If you’d like to show your gratitude to those who fight to protect our freedoms, consider donating to the Fisher House Foundation.

Mother Jones Very Concerned African-American Murderers, Rapists, and Pedophiles Targeted By Racist GOP Food Stamp Cut

This Memorial Day weekend, while Americans are celebrating their freedom, and hopefully honoring and remembering those who fought and died for us to have our freedom, the dim-witted liberals at Mother Jones are worried that African American murderers rapists and pedophiles might not get enough food stamps.

And why is that?

Those mean, no good, vile racist Republicans are targeting blacks (again!) by demanding that murderers, rapists and pedophiles have their food stamp benefits cut!!! That’s worse than Hitler!!!

Wait a minute, Soopermexican… aren’t you implying that African Americans rape, murder and commit pedophilia at a higher rate than other ethnic groups?! Isn’t that raaaaacist?!?

Well yeah, kinda, but Mother Jones is chock full of bleeding heart liberal pendejos, so they’re excused:

On Wednesday the Senate agriculture committee approved a GOP proposal that would amend the farm bill the Senate is considering to ban “convicted murderers, rapists, and pedophiles” from getting food stamps. On its surface, the idea sounds unobjectionable, but the measure would have “strongly racially discriminatory effects,” according to the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP).

YOU, however, are racist for even asking that question, reader. I hope you’re happy.

So the IRS targeting hard-working self-reliant Americans over their political ideology is not a big problem at all, but taking away food stamps for murderers, pedos and rapists is a tragic outrage!!! As long as they’re black.

Happy Memorial Day.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, African-Americans receive food stamps at a much higher rate than Gringo Americans, Latino Americans, and Asians (about three times as much in 2011). However, since Gringo Americans comprise more of the population, the absolute number of gringos on food stamps is higher than blacks or others (16.5 million gringos versus 10 million blacks on food stamps).

When America is 16 trillion dollars in debt and liberals are whining about black pedophiles and rapists not getting enough welfare benefits, you have to wonder why we keep losing elections.

Racism. That’s why.

IRS Scandal Official Lois Lerner Served With Papers From True The Vote Lawsuit

Lois Lerner is not having a great start to this Memorial Day weekend…

As the official in the middle of the storm around the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, she has been put on administrative leave after pleading her fifth amendment privilege when testifying before congress. Unfortunately for her, the manner in which she did so actually means she waived her rights, and may be called before the hearing again.

Finally, this morning Lerner was served in a lawsuit from True the Vote. Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the anti-voter fraud organization, has stated repeatedly that they were targeted and harassed by the IRS while seeking non-profit status.

Poor Lois!!

Hopefully the media and legal pressure will force Lois Lerner to say exactly what happened, and whether the administration had any culpability in the targeting of conservative groups during the election.

Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site has more coverage on this lawsuit

Read True The Vote’s lawsuit against the IRS here

SooperPodcast #38!! “Latinos In Name Only” and IslamaPhobiaPhobia!!!

This episode we discuss whether or not Ted Cruz is a “Latino in Name Only” and the terrible murder by Islamist terrorists of a British soldier. We also reveal another one of Matt’s hilarious commercials! Don’t be a racist, listen in!

The show usually airs on 10pm on the FTR online radio network every Thursday – this week we were preempted by FTR’s Oklahoma Tornado Radiothon to raise money for the victims. 

By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!!


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Some links to stories we discussed:

 Wondering If You’re A “Latino In Name Only”? Take Buzzfeed’s Comprehensive Guide to LINOs!!

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Canadian Blogger Reporting on Islamism: Blazing Cat Fur

Matt Dawson’s Anti-Liberal Humor Site: The Morlock Revolt!!

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Wondering If You’re A “Latino In Name Only”? Take Buzzfeed’s Comprehensive Guide to LINOs!!

Earlier today Buzzfeed staffer Aswini Anburajan posted a tweet mocking Senator Ted Cruz because of his immigration stance, and then pathetically declared him a “Latino in Name Only.” She ain’t even Latina herself!!

Twitchy caught the tweet, and conservatives’ anger at her attempt to define an entire ethnic identity by political policies.

I thought I’d help her make her point, even though she deleted the original tweet, and mextrapolate a guide for whether someone is a LINO or not!! Have fun, gringos!

(LINO guide does not apply to gringos)


Apparently little miss asinine didn’t appreciate my little parody, because she’s made her twitter account private. This was after her appearance on a Wall Street Journal panel about… social media!! How precious.

Sooper-investigator Jessica Heddings also discovered this little profile of the brilliant miss asinine:

Aswini Anburajan, reporter
Aswini Anburajan spent eight months on the road as a campaign reporter covering Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential bid for NBC News, MSNBC and the National Journal magazine. Prior to that, Aswini was an associate producer at She grew up in Connecticut after immigrating from India at the age of four with her family. As an international relations major at Brown University, she focused on the shaping of identity and its relation to ethnic conflict. During the 2004 presidential campaign, she was an organizer in New Hampshire for Dean for America and later became an opposition researcher for the Kerry-Edwards campaign.

As Jess noted, maybe Miss Asinine should have done some research of Edwards instead…


Liberals Blaming Oklahoma Tornado on Global Warming Ignore Record Low Tornado Activity

Liberals rush to capitalize on Oklahoma tornado tragedy, but in a report from NOAA just this month, tornado activity is at an all time record low, despite the supposed disastrous effects of anthropogenic global warming.

While reports come in from Oklahoma of the families devastated by a terrible tornado strike, those filthy liberals just can’t wait to wag their fingers at conservatives while dancing on victims’ graves:





This includes politicians of course, who are much too eager to beat their opponents over the head with corpses in order to push their statist agenda, like the dishonorable Democrat Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse.

However, they ignore the fact that tornado activity is an all-time record low, as reported by NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

The past 12 months not only broke the previous record, it blew the old record away. During the past 12 months, merely 197 tornadoes struck the United States. Prior to this past year, the fewest tornadoes striking the United States during a 12-month period occurred from June 1991 through July 1992, when 247 tornadoes occurred.

So tornado activity is down by 20% in the last 12 months, lower than any other period measured, but liberals still want to blame global warming.

In fact, I posted a month ago on a disaster report by the leftist Brookings Institute showing that most indicators they measured for disaster events were decreasing. Here’s an example:

When we compare the numbers of persons affected by natural disasters, see a 69% drop from 2010, and 60% drop from the decade average.

This is very much like the gun debate, where emotional feelings-based liberals react to one terrible event and ignore the overwhelming evidence that statistically, these events are decreasing in severity and frequency.

Finally… global warming will keep us from turning into zombies! It’s true!!!


I found these pretty despicable tweets from an avowed Obama supporter, laughing at the dead in Oklahoma, especially the white people who don’t believe in global warming:



Also, there was the creator from “the Daily Show” who was disgusting enough to make a joke about the victims too. Stay classy, liberals!

Videos of Filthy Hippies Being Filthy But NOT Farming at “Occupy the Farm”

Well the Marxist Occupiers are at it again at “Occupy the Farm.” Here are some videos I stole from supporters and “improved” with my own brand of news reporting! Apparently there are counter-protesters – I edited in a scene of one occupier arguing their best case for trashing someone else’s property. Enjoy!

Occupy the Farm Filthy Hippies being Filthy Hippies, not Farming 

While the idiots predicted “hundreds” would show up at their protest, only 50 were counted, and that’s a liberal estimate:

Check these pictures from last year’s “Occupy the Farm” Marxist gathering!