Wisconsin’s Youngest and Whiniest State Rep Dying From Snap Challenge Incompetence; Deletes Tweets Insulting Conservative Detractors

Katrina Shankland is the “youngest state legislator in Wisconsin,” and also apparently utterly incapable of cooking for herself. She posted the most whiny and pathetic demand for sympathy of any participating in the SNAP challenge:

When some on the right challenged her on this, she got rather testy with us – I guess Katrina gets pretty grumpy when her own incompetence prevents her from eating well on a budget. Maybe she should have waited to get some more real life experience before becoming the whiniest state legislator in Wisconsin?


Apparently she was pretty disgusted by her insulting those who would dare question the value of such a stupid and meaningless photo op – she deleted these tweets calling her detractors “conservative trolls”:

Repshankland1Thankfully, after this exchange that probably drained the rest of this poor wretch’s strength, she was able to valiantly summon up her strength, work through her incompetence headache and tweet again.

We were so worried she had withered away!!

“This is real.”

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