More #SNAPChallenge Fun: Watchmen Mashup and Ridiculous Shopping Mistakes

The idiocy and incompetence of Democrats participating in the SNAP challenge just won’t end! I’ve posted 10 Stupid Shopping Mistakes, and also made a video teaching them how to make ridiculously cheap but delicious tacos.

Yet they persist.

I couldn’t keep myself from photoshopping John Liu’s ridiculous image of himself eating Campbell’s soup out of a can, with an iconic scene from the celebrated comic book WATCHMEN:


UPDATE: John Liu absolutely owned the stupidity of the campaign with this incredible picture he posted:



Wow John Liu!! You are the king of dolts – does he seriously believe that the poor resort to eating stacks of bread and water??! Just incredible..

Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL) has been much more vocal than other Democrats in demanding sympathy for her pathetic pics.

This post on her Facebook page has at least 5 stupid mistakes only an out-of-touch liberal would make:


I’ve noticed also that while the media are fawning all over these supposedly sympathetic Democrats, of the 26 that are reportedly participating, only about 8 are posting pictures of their meals, the rest are getting a free pass. Big surprise.

Here is some more idiocy I’ve spotted in the hashtag campaign for #SNAPchallenge: