Domestic Policy

Liberal Representative Makes “Spaghettysburg Address” with Noodles on the SNAP Challenge

We used to have statemen. Now we have our elected officials creating noodle art to persuade their idiotic constituents into a knee-jerk response of emotional incompetence:

Of course, this is absurd – just because that many Americans receive welfare doesn’t mean they all need it. Much of it is lost to fraud.


The figure for poverty rates is drawn from misleading statistical methods.  The same is the case with hunger rates. In fact, because of the free market our poor live much better lives than nearly any other country’s poor, and the vast majority of most people who have ever existed.

This also means that many of those families get a stab to receive other benefits, including those from local government programs and local charities.

Here are some facts that Huffman’s “Spaghettysburg Address” ignores:

These are the same idiot politicians that will praise Obama’s “recovery”, while screeching that we cannot abate spending that encourages dependence on the government instead of fostering personal responsibility.