President Smarty McMompants Confuses Britain’s Chancellor with R&B Music Star at G8 Conference

In yet another in a long string of international gaffes, the smartest president in his own mind kept referring to Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer by the name of one of his favorite R&B music stars, at the G8 conference in Northern Ireland.

He didn’t do this once, or twice, but three times.

The mistake is perfectly reasonable considering how similar the two men look:


I mean, for a post-racial president who only sees the internal Marxist soul of a man and not their skin color…

So this is at least number 5 in the many ways in which president pendejo has embarrassed America abroad:

1) In 2011, when writing in the guestbook at Westminster Abbey, Obama wrote “2008” – apparently he’s stuck in the year he won election, even three years later.

2) Maybe Michelle’s diet isn’t working as well as the starving politicians dying in droves from the SNAP challenge, because the extra weight caused the presidential limousine nicknamed “the Beast” to get stuck on a ramp. This had one saucy Irishman yell, “need a push?!” at our hapless prezzy.

3) In the most embarrassing and cringe-inducing episode caught on tape, Obama stupidly forgets his place in a dinner toast ritual at Buckingham Palace, and is interrupted by a band. After a few really awkward moments, he pathetically gives up his toast, with the queen mum wincing at him.

4) Finally, there was the time President Pass the Buck declared that the “special relationship” between America and Britain was over, in deference to a new relationship with the frogs. Good job, moron.

These are just the intentional embarrassments.. I can’t begin to count the ways that Obama purposely slighted America to prove he was a “citizen of the world.”