Take the #JohnLiuChallenge To Share In the Plight of Attention-Deprived Politicians

I know I have been harsh on John Liu in the past. Making fun of his eating out of a Campbell’s soup can in the back of his limo in order to highlight the struggle of limousine hobos who… can’t heat up a can of soup or find a bowl. And then there was the noble and tear-jerking sight of the noble John eating a pile of bread slices and water, just like all the.. uhm.. dim-witted SNAP participants who aren’t as bright as a common garden rock, I guess.

But I have been converted.

His pictures have touched my little brown soul.

I didn’t realize what he was actually doing – this was a cry for help. A shriek of existential pain piercing to my emotey-parts from the depths of his self-centered spotlight-whoring being that just weren’t getting enough attention.

Haven’t you ever felt that way?

I think deep down, we’re all John Liu.

We’re all pathetically stupid and begging for attention, mocking regular Americans who live on a budget, in order to stand on the coattails of a ill-conceived emotion-based irrational campaign to appear sympathetic to the poor.

Aren’t we?

I know I am.

That’s why I’m taking the grandiloquent “John Liu” Challenge.

John c liu111

I hope you do so as well.