Lawless America: Three Ways Leftists Have Undermined The Rule of Law This Week


This week we might have reached a tipping point. While I like to play devil’s advocate and argue against my fellow right wing Tea Party extremists, I think we might have gone over the edge in a away we never have before.

Let me count the ways.

1) The Supreme Court striking down California’s Proposition Eight

This gets a little convoluted, and it’s difficult to understand, but this ruling completely undermined the right of a state’s citizens to order their governance through the initiative process. Basically, the will of the People was denied because the Supreme Court said that a private institution didn’t have the standing to affirm the constitutionality of a democratically elected proposition.

The people of California made it very clear that they affirmed the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. The state of California said that they would not defend the will of the people, and refused to argue the case. The Supreme Court then denied to hear the case because they denied the standing of private parties pressing the will of the people.

Professor of Law at Chapman University John Eastman explains the issues very clearly on an interview segment with Dennis Prager.

Jerry Brown is completely ignoring prevailing law that would otherwise demand another ruling on whether or not proposition 8 is unconstitutional. As Professor Eastman says, “it’s utter lawlessness.”

2) The Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act

One of the more impressive critics of this ruling is John Yoo, who personally agrees with homosexual marriage, but argues that the ruling was “embarrassingly deficient.”

This remarkable ruling basically accuses all those who voted for DOMA as being animated by anti-gay bigotry, and ignores all the other societal and philosophical reasons why one might be against homosexual marriage aside from anti-gay animosity.

This is the argument from John Yoo:

Most of the opinion is devoted to a discussion of federalism, but most of it is tangential. The Court cannot quite hold that Congress is not allowed to adopt definitions of words like “marriage” for federal law purposes, so it instead says that the federal definition shows an intent by Congress to harm gays. The conclusion assumes, without explicitly saying so, that 342 Members of the House, 85 Senators, and President Bill Clinton were all guilty of anti-gay bias in 1996, when DOMA was enacted. As Chief Justice Roberts says, “I would not tar the political branches with bigotry.”

Once the majority can claim an ill motive on the part of Congress, any law making gays worse off is immediately struck down. There’s no analysis of the government’s other purposes and no questions about whether the law is tailored to meet those purposes (an issue on which the Court spent so much time and energy in the affirmative action and voting rights cases).

The best sign of the convoluted nature of this decision is the fact that Bill Clinton praised the finding, when he was the president who signed the legislation into law.

So this case is decided upon simply because the Supreme Court justices want the result to be true, not because there is any merit to the case.

3) Wendy Davis and the illegal “People’s Filibuster” in the Texas Legislature

This is the clearest abrogation of the duty of elected representatives to respect the will of the people and the most obscene obstruction of law and justice.

In the wake of the terrible and evil bloodshed against the unborn in the Kermit Gosnell trial, the Texas legislature proposed a law to shore up safety measures in abortion mills in order to protect women’s health.

Forth Worth State Senator Wendy Davis took this occasion to propel herself unto the willing lapdog media as a crusader for the right of women to kill their unborn innocent children.

She undertook a filibuster which the media portrayed as heroic – but what they failed to report is that at midnight at the end of the congressional session, the representatives had the legal right to sign into law the abortion clinic safety provisions.

They were unable to perform their constitutional duty to perform the will of their constituents because the unruly violent mob in the capitol was so loud, they could not complete their vote.

So despite their attempt to follow the law and vote according to the will of the people that duly elected them, the pandemonium of a screeching emotional rabble kept them from doing their constitutional duty.

By contrast, the filibuster by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz was excoriated and ridiculed by the press, even though months later their suspicions would be confirmed by the NSA and other scandals.

What was the reaction of the press? To sanctify and praise their patron saint of infanticide.


This week was signified a terrible setback for the rule of law, which has been a pillar of strength against which America has made so many political, economic, and philosophical gains. Will we continue to erode our principles or restore them?


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This podcast!!! @DefendWallSt insults Western Civilization! @SaintRPH makes odd 70s TV show references!! And your Sooper host opines on Marco Rubio’s chances for the nomination after screwing us over on Immigration!!! WOW!
Don’t be racist! Listen in!

How Many American Children Have Died Since Liberal Wendy Davis Began Filbustering Texas Abortion Safety Bill?

Wendy Davis began her filibuster of a Texas bill that would increase safety standards for abortion mills, at 11:15am CST. It is now 6:45pm CST. From census figures:

In the six and a half hours since her filibuster began, about 898 human beings have lost their lives to abortion. About 202 of those were Hispanic, 298 were African-American, and 398 were Caucasian, on average.

Since African-Americans are 12.6% of the US population, but 40.5% of the abortions, then they are more than three times as likely to die in abortions than the average. Hispanics are 16.4% of the US population, but 33.2% of abortions, so they are nearly 50% more likely to die in abortions than the average.

And somehow pro-life conservatives are racist?


At 9 hours into the filibuster, abortion has claimed the lives of 1,243 children: 503 African-American children, and 412 Hispanic children.

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Creepy Hillary 2016 “Ready” Shirt Design Sooperized!!

Over at Twitchy, they collect some brilliant photoshops by @ExJon mocking this Hillary 2016 design:

Here are my entries.

For all my prolife homies:

Don’t forget those cankles!

available as a t-shirt!

This is from an ACTUAL photo of Hillary saluting someone! Don’t blame me!!

Finally, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Now available as a T-Shirt!!

Here’s a sticker with her logo… I think she’d like it:


And with her button logos:

The Unbearable Whiteness of Netroots Nation 2013

The leftist lapdog media has always gone out of their way to make the Tea Party appear to be exclusively white, even to the extent of editing out the image of a black man at a Tea Party rally. This just makes it even more fun and enjoyable when liberal white guilt and minority liberals despise the overwhelming whiteness of their own conferences.

Here are some moments of schadenfreude zen from this weekend’s Netroots Nation conference:

So sad. Thank goodness some liberals aren’t dumb enough to get arrested for enviro-fascism.

So much anxiety!

  They really should bring out the whips and self-flagellate:


And here are white people on parade at Netroots:

  Oh no! Shutting out diversity?!?!

Don’t worry liberals! A hashtag will save you from the appearance of racism!!

Oh. Well. Maybe not so much. Nice try, Edric. Monique is not impressed!!!

The fact of the matter is that whites are still an overwhelming majority in this country. Whenever there is a group that has anything near a representative number of whites and minorities, it’s going to appear to have a lot of whites. So what?

My only point is to show the ridiculous hypocrisy of the media and liberals to whine that the Tea Party is racist simply based on the appearance of absence of minorities, when there’s plenty of evidence that the liberal left has the same problem.

Also, they can’t spell:

New SooperVideo: Rep Hank Johnson Goes Grocery Shopping for the SNAP Challenge!!

For some reason the SNAP challenge just keeps bringing more and more stupidity out of the Democrats. This little charming vignette was hiding in Hank Johnson’s timeline, and it inspired the creative team at Sooper Video Studios to parody:


For an explanation of the SNAP program, read my other articles:

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The First Sooper Mexy COOKING Show!! A Taco-Takedown of the SNAP Challenge!!

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20 of the 26 Liberal Democrats Praised for Taking the SNAP Challenge Posted Two or Fewer Actual Meal Pictures

While the media fawns all over their liberal saviors for deigning to live like regular Americans, I noticed that very few of the representatives were actually posting pictures for their SNAP challenge.

If you sift through the list of the 26 Democrats who were praised for their “sympathy” for people receiving food stamps, very few of them actually posted any evidence of their participation. Most happily provided many pictures from their grocery store photo ops, but actual meals? Not so much:

  • Michelle Grisham (NM): 4 pics over 4 days
  • Jared Huffman (CA): 7 pics over 3 days
  • Mark Pocan (WI): 3 pics over 3 days
  • Doris Matsui (CA): 4 pics over 2 days (only took the SNAP challenge for 3 days)
  • Suzan DelBene (WA): 4 pics over 2 days
  • Donald Payne Jr. (NJ): 3 pics over one day

Representatives that only posted TWO pictures of a SNAP challenge meal:

  • Ann Kuster (NH)
  • Joe Crowley (NY) – posted SEVEN tweets about the shopping photo op, but only two of his meals
  • Daniel Kildee (MI)
  • John Conyers (MI)
  • Jim McGovern (MA)
  • Mark Veasey (TX) – posted EIGHT photo op tweets

Representatives that only posted ONE picture of a SNAP challenge meal:

  • John Carney (DE)
  • Robin Kelly (IL)
  • Sander Levin (MI)
  • Matthew Cartwright (PA)

Representatives that posted NO pictures of their meals on the SNAP challenge:

  • Beto O’Rourke (TX)
  • Peter DeFazio (OR)
  • Barbara Lee (CA)
  • Theodore Deutsch (FL)
  • Jean Schakowsky (IL) – posted a tweet describing her meal, but no pic.
  • Keith Ellison (MN)
  • Mel Watt (NC)
  • Richard Nolan (MN)
  • James Langevin (RI)
  • Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC)
  • Hank Johnson (GA)

I’m not demanding that each participant put a picture of every single meal on the SNAP challenge, but why is the media so gullible about swallowing their claims about swallowing low budget meals?

For instance, there’s Guam-tipper Hank Johnson, who was lavishly praised for his awkward shopping trip, and who happily posted a pic of his receipt but never posted any evidence he actually ate a meal from the snap challenge on either his twitter, Flickr, or his facebook accounts.

In fact, one of the higher profile politicians, Keith Ellison, was so offended that I dared to ASK him about why he hasn’t posted one picture of a meal, that he blocked me! Poor little guy.

This is one of the many things that annoys me about this challenge – the media absolutely excoriated George HW Bush for his supposed “scanner moment” but a bunch of out-of-touch dimwitted elitist politicians can dodder around at the grocery store insulting regular Americans, and they’re praised for it. IN fact, Bush’s “scanner moment” was completely made up by the media – they reported that he was out-of-touch for not knowing about scanners. What he was actually amazed at was a new scanner technology that allowed the machine to read a code even when the packaging is ripped.

You want more evidence of the media bias? How about during the last election when MSNBC’s lizard anchor Andrea Mitchell tried to fabricate a “scanner moment” for Romney by deceptively editing video?

This society cannot be free when the media gatekeepers are actively deceiving them about their rulers.

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SooperPodcast #44: More SNAP Challenge, DOWpocalypse and China!

SooperPodcast #44: More SNAP Challenge, DOWpocalypse and China!

Bill tells us about the DOWpocalypse, Sooper tells himself about the coming Chinese revolution, and Matt makes fun of SNAP challenge politicians.

For those who listened to the SNAP challenge mini-podcast, that portion is replayed in this podcast…

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Some links we discussed:

Out-Of-Touch Elitists: 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP Challenge!

The First Sooper Mexy COOKING Show!! A Taco-Takedown of the SNAP Challenge!!

Take the #JohnLiuChallenge To Share In the Plight

Opening song from Soundtrack to Idiocracy: Nuevos Tiempos by Pueblo Cafe

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Take the #JohnLiuChallenge To Share In the Plight of Attention-Deprived Politicians

I know I have been harsh on John Liu in the past. Making fun of his eating out of a Campbell’s soup can in the back of his limo in order to highlight the struggle of limousine hobos who… can’t heat up a can of soup or find a bowl. And then there was the noble and tear-jerking sight of the noble John eating a pile of bread slices and water, just like all the.. uhm.. dim-witted SNAP participants who aren’t as bright as a common garden rock, I guess.

But I have been converted.

His pictures have touched my little brown soul.

I didn’t realize what he was actually doing – this was a cry for help. A shriek of existential pain piercing to my emotey-parts from the depths of his self-centered spotlight-whoring being that just weren’t getting enough attention.

Haven’t you ever felt that way?

I think deep down, we’re all John Liu.

We’re all pathetically stupid and begging for attention, mocking regular Americans who live on a budget, in order to stand on the coattails of a ill-conceived emotion-based irrational campaign to appear sympathetic to the poor.

Aren’t we?

I know I am.

That’s why I’m taking the grandiloquent “John Liu” Challenge.

I hope you do so as well.



President Smarty McMompants Confuses Britain’s Chancellor with R&B Music Star at G8 Conference

In yet another in a long string of international gaffes, the smartest president in his own mind kept referring to Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer by the name of one of his favorite R&B music stars, at the G8 conference in Northern Ireland.

He didn’t do this once, or twice, but three times.

The mistake is perfectly reasonable considering how similar the two men look:

I mean, for a post-racial president who only sees the internal Marxist soul of a man and not their skin color…

So this is at least number 5 in the many ways in which president pendejo has embarrassed America abroad:

1) In 2011, when writing in the guestbook at Westminster Abbey, Obama wrote “2008” – apparently he’s stuck in the year he won election, even three years later.

2) Maybe Michelle’s diet isn’t working as well as the starving politicians dying in droves from the SNAP challenge, because the extra weight caused the presidential limousine nicknamed “the Beast” to get stuck on a ramp. This had one saucy Irishman yell, “need a push?!” at our hapless prezzy.

3) In the most embarrassing and cringe-inducing episode caught on tape, Obama stupidly forgets his place in a dinner toast ritual at Buckingham Palace, and is interrupted by a band. After a few really awkward moments, he pathetically gives up his toast, with the queen mum wincing at him.

4) Finally, there was the time President Pass the Buck declared that the “special relationship” between America and Britain was over, in deference to a new relationship with the frogs. Good job, moron.

These are just the intentional embarrassments.. I can’t begin to count the ways that Obama purposely slighted America to prove he was a “citizen of the world.”


Liberal Representative Makes “Spaghettysburg Address” with Noodles on the SNAP Challenge

We used to have statemen. Now we have our elected officials creating noodle art to persuade their idiotic constituents into a knee-jerk response of emotional incompetence:

Of course, this is absurd – just because that many Americans receive welfare doesn’t mean they all need it. Much of it is lost to fraud.


The figure for poverty rates is drawn from misleading statistical methods.  The same is the case with hunger rates. In fact, because of the free market our poor live much better lives than nearly any other country’s poor, and the vast majority of most people who have ever existed.

This also means that many of those families get a stab to receive other benefits, including those from local government programs and local charities.

Here are some facts that Huffman’s “Spaghettysburg Address” ignores:

These are the same idiot politicians that will praise Obama’s “recovery”, while screeching that we cannot abate spending that encourages dependence on the government instead of fostering personal responsibility.

More #SNAPChallenge Fun: Watchmen Mashup and Ridiculous Shopping Mistakes

The idiocy and incompetence of Democrats participating in the SNAP challenge just won’t end! I’ve posted 10 Stupid Shopping Mistakes, and also made a video teaching them how to make ridiculously cheap but delicious tacos.

Yet they persist.

I couldn’t keep myself from photoshopping John Liu’s ridiculous image of himself eating Campbell’s soup out of a can, with an iconic scene from the celebrated comic book WATCHMEN:

UPDATE: John Liu absolutely owned the stupidity of the campaign with this incredible picture he posted:


Wow John Liu!! You are the king of dolts – does he seriously believe that the poor resort to eating stacks of bread and water??! Just incredible..

Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL) has been much more vocal than other Democrats in demanding sympathy for her pathetic pics.

This post on her Facebook page has at least 5 stupid mistakes only an out-of-touch liberal would make:

I’ve noticed also that while the media are fawning all over these supposedly sympathetic Democrats, of the 26 that are reportedly participating, only about 8 are posting pictures of their meals, the rest are getting a free pass. Big surprise.

Here is some more idiocy I’ve spotted in the hashtag campaign for #SNAPchallenge:







The First Sooper Mexy COOKING Show!! A Taco-Takedown of the SNAP Challenge!!

For a while, my gringo friends have been asking for me to stop bragging about my tacos and give them a recipe already! Luckily the idiocy of the liberal SNAP challenge campaign has inspired me to catch two chupacabras with one net (it’s a Mexican colloquialism).

SO here you go, you lucky gringos! The first edition of the SOOPER MEXY COOKING show!!! I take the SNAP challenge, and slap it down with my delicious tacos!!!

click here if video doesn’t load automatically

While you’re at it, read 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP challenge for more hilarity from incompetent and stupid democrats. And see Kristina Ribaldi’s great column at Freedomworks, and for a pretty hilarious audio where we utterly destroy the premises behind this campaign, listen to our podcast!

Wisconsin’s Youngest and Whiniest State Rep Dying From Snap Challenge Incompetence; Deletes Tweets Insulting Conservative Detractors

Katrina Shankland is the “youngest state legislator in Wisconsin,” and also apparently utterly incapable of cooking for herself. She posted the most whiny and pathetic demand for sympathy of any participating in the SNAP challenge:

When some on the right challenged her on this, she got rather testy with us – I guess Katrina gets pretty grumpy when her own incompetence prevents her from eating well on a budget. Maybe she should have waited to get some more real life experience before becoming the whiniest state legislator in Wisconsin?


Apparently she was pretty disgusted by her insulting those who would dare question the value of such a stupid and meaningless photo op – she deleted these tweets calling her detractors “conservative trolls”:

Thankfully, after this exchange that probably drained the rest of this poor wretch’s strength, she was able to valiantly summon up her strength, work through her incompetence headache and tweet again.

We were so worried she had withered away!!

“This is real.”

Read Out-Of-Touch Elitists: 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP challenge for more hilarity from incompetent and stupid democrats.