Bert and Ernie Gay Outing Encourages “the Count” to Reveal Anti-Illegal Immigration Views


pic_giant_070213_SM_The-Left-Bert-and-Ernie-and-Lost-InnocenceAfter Supreme Court declared heterosexuality unconstitutional, the leftists happily declared victory, and the New Yorker published this really odd cover insinuating that Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie are a closeted homosexual couple.

One unexpected result of their new political exhibitionism was that other Sesame Street characters felt encouraged to express their own closeted political views. Take, for instance, “the Count,” a legal immigrant from Romania, who revealed himself to be a strong advocate of border security and deportation:




Reports are that the Snufflapagus has been thinking about becoming an vocal advocate for the Tea Party, and Oscar the Grouch will admit to being a billionaire “dark money” contributor to right wing causes for years.

Dennis Prager’s wisely but depressingly assesses what this represents from the Left:

…for the Left, Bert and Ernie (and whatever else the Left can get its ideological hands on) are transformed into vehicles for a left-wing cause. And no cause animates the Left these days more than the social advancement of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and the transgendered (LGBTs).

One consequence has been the robbing of children’s innocence by prematurely sexualizing them. Rendering Bert and Ernie as gay is only the most recent example.

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