Hey @HuffpostDenver – Where’s this McDonald’s “Study” You’re Citing From A University Student?


This story caught fire yesterday, and immediately raised my BS-meter to maximum stench:


The problem is that they don’t post the supposed “study,” and at first misrepresented the author as a “research assistant” but later had to issue a correction. SO where’s the study, Huffpo?

They didn’t even describe his method at first, but after having to correct their admission, they added a very simplistic explanation. Again, without looking at the study, which isn’t provided, no one can tell if the student accurately took into account the difference between McDonald’s franchise revenue and their own revenue, and the associated wage costs. Even if he had, there’s absolutely no understanding of the elasticity of prices, and how raising the price of a product will almost necessarily precipitate lower sales. Blogger Tom Maguire goes into further detail about these problems.

Whenever conservatives make a claim they sic Politifact on us like a rabies-stricken foaming-at-the-mouth attack squirrel. But leftists can make whatever claim they want based on some student’s scrawlings on a napkin, and they go viral without any critical thinking!

What’s more, is that with all the 7,000 facebook likes, and more than a thousand tweets, all of these damn idiots didn’t question the study enough to actually look for the damn thing?!


And WE’RE supposed to be the irrational party, right? Screw you, you witless intellectually dishonest maggots!!

Ok. I’m calming down.


No really. I’m calm. I’m cool.


The idiot editor-in-chief at ThinkProgress actually tried to repost the “statistic” and completely misrepresented the claim:


Don’t click on the link and give him any more views, but the very first paragraph of his article ACTUALLY DISPUTES HIS IDIOTIC TWEET:

If McDonalds were to double the salaries and benefits of all of its employees, from the CEO down to the minimum wage cashiers, it would still only cost an extra 68 cents for a Big Mac, according to a new report by the University of Kansas.

EVEN IF IT WAS TRUE. which we don’t know because the study hasn’t been released, this idiot’s tweet statement is NOT what the article says! Just incredible. When I called him out on his deception he just completely ignored it.

Why? Because lying pendejos lie. That’s why!


How a ‘Ghetto Mindset’ Instigates and Escalates Police Altercations

My latest opinion column at Fox News Latino is a response to all the recent outcry from minorities about having to teach their kids to be scared of law enforcement officers. My experience was a little different. Please read, retweet, and comment:

My family lived in a working class poor neighborhood in southern California. It was also very Hispanic, and as far as we knew, mostly Mexican. One of my best friends was Arabic, but he looked Hispanic, and we didn’t really know what being Arabic meant, so it didn’t matter to anyone except our parents couldn’t talk to his in Spanish (and therefore, not at all).

I often heard stories about racist cops and racist white people doing racist things to my Mexican relatives and friends. Even at that early age, I was somewhat skeptical — it seemed to me that in many of these stories, I could see how people instigated and escalated any conflict with authorities and white people. I rarely voiced my skepticism, but when I did, it wasn’t appreciated.

Finally one day when I was about 15 a relative had it out with me. Angrily, he yelled at me at how it was easy for me to deny racism since I didn’t drive yet, but once I did, he said, “you’ll know how racist these f**ng cops are!”

He had me there. I didn’t have that experience. So I said, “Maybe you’re right, maybe once I drive on my own I’ll find out.”

In my long life as a White Hispanic (or “Whisp” as I like to call us now), I have driven many a mile and been pulled over by many a policeman, mostly for speeding. As far as I recall, each law enforcement official has been professional, and some have been downright friendly.

I might posit that if I were more white than Hispanic, I’d have less speeding tickets, but aside from that, I have no experience whatsoever with racist bigoted law enforcement officials.

What’s the difference between my relative’s experience and mine?

When I address a policeman/woman/other, especially after being pulled over, it’s “yes, sir” and “no, sir.” I don’t think I heard this relative ever talk about police without a curse word or an epithet, especially of that having to do with pork products. This is the same for others who were raised in the same socioeconomic environment I was raised in.

This absolute chasm of experience between the “ghetto” mindset and others explains the completely different reactions to the Zimmerman trial. While most Caucasians don’t understand the sting of a parent having to tell a child to act a certain way because of perceived racial bigotry, it’s also the case that most kids that need this instruction aren’t getting it at all.

I can understand how well-to-do African-Americans and others might be offended and angry that they need to teach their kids to be respectful to authorities, but they act as if Caucasians don’t have the same responsibility. It is a duty of all parents, regardless of skin color, to teach their children to be respectful to everyone, including law enforcement officers.

The deeper issue at work here is fatherless homes – kids raised without a father are simply less likely to be respectful of anyone, and minority communities have especially high single-parent family rates. Does that mean no child with a single parent can be raised to be respectful? Of course not.

There are families who are fortunate enough to be able to raise children as respectful members of society. It is destructive of their communities if these families are offended more by critics pointing out the preponderance of disrespect, than by those who are disrespectful.

It’s akin to saying that because you happen not to be overweight, it’s offensive that anyone points out the high obesity rate in your community and tries to rectify it.

In no way does that ignore that real police bigotry exists, or that racism really happens in our otherwise great country. When these acts occur, it is right for us to condemn them and seek to punish those who commit such acts when they’re illegal.

However, it does no community any good to ignore the real problem of fatherless homes that result in embittered, angry youth. Focusing anger on media critics and politicians who point it out is much less constructive than trying to change this for the better.

Read it here

Wisdom-Challenged Workers Strike at Company that Hired 50,000 New Workers in ONE DAY

Not the smartest people in the world. If McDonald’s can hire 50,000 people in ONE day, what makes these strikers think they can’t be easily replaced?

Also, in the seven cities where they are striking, the unemployment rate is nearly 30% higher than it is in the rest of the country.

You think this “nationwide” protest might have something to do with Obama trying to “pivot” into economic issues?





photoshop via flaming dumbass

Obamacare Already Dragging Down Full-Time Employment for Younger Americans

Obama’s second term woes seem to keep worsening. While trying to derail the focus on “phony” scandals and pivot away from his failure to demagogue the Newtown and Trayvon tragedies into leftist policies, he’s attempting to laud an otherwise moribund economy. Even as he pats himself on the back, there are more and more signs that his policies have failed Americans.

A recent Gallup poll shows a steep fall in full-time employment among younger Americans this year after a slight uptick in 2012. A drop of 3.4 percentage points from 47% comes to a 7.2% percent in one year.

What could account for such a fall? There’s many reasons cited in the article, but they seem to ignore a pretty simple explanation – an unintended side effect of Obamacare. Younger Americans trying to enter the employment market with less work experience often take lower-wage, entry-level jobs that are less likely to come with benefits. Employers offering these jobs are much less likely to hire full-time workers when the regulatory burden is increased, so they offer part-time jobs instead.

Even liberal news outlets can’t ignore this obvious free market effect of Obamacare.

From Huffington Post:

White Castle is considering hiring only part-time workers in the future because of fears Obamacare will impose detrimental costs on its business, Vice President Jamie Richardson said in an interview with HuffPost Thursday.

The restaurant chain has no intention of firing members of its current full-time staff or reducing benefits as a result of President Barack Obama’s new health care law…

The chain estimates their healthcare costs will increase by 35% once Obamacare is implemented.

From NPR:

A recent survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that half of the small businesses responding said they will reduce hours or add more part-timers in response to the law.

This adds more evidence to the conservative claim that increasing regulation on businesses simply passes a greater burden onto the consumer and the worker.


Video: Paul Ryan Lays Out GOP Immigration Plan to Illegal Aliens at Townhall: ‘This is the American Ideal’

On Friday, Representative and erstwhile Vice President hopeful Paul Ryan laid out his position on the immigration legislation being developed in the House at a “Hispanic Listening Session” Townhall format. The audience included some illegal aliens, who even addressed Paul Ryan, asking questions, and speaking of their experience.

From the Journal Sentinel:

“A lot of people are saying, just pass the Senate bill,” Ryan said. “That’s not what the House is going to do.

“I think we can make it better.”

“I’m not doing this for politics,” Ryan later said. “I think it’s the right thing to do for the country.”

Ryan said in the House, where the Republicans are in the majority, the intent “is to bring about five or six bills…to fix these problems in our immigration laws one step at a time in a comprehensive way.”

Ryan said negotiations are underway to bring “these various bills to the floor of Congress.”

This was one of the more controversial aspects of the “comprehensive immigration bill” passed in the Democrat controlled Senate. Critics of the bill have charged that with improper enforcement triggers, the Senate bill would grant legalization to those illegally in America, and then citizenship while not making any substantive efforts to keep out new illegal aliens.

It remains to be seen how the bills will balance the different aspects of immigration policy. It’s clear that there will be a legalization provision, but it will take longer than the Senate bill:

Ryan also said, “We’re going to vote on a bill to legalize people who are undocumented.”

Under such a plan, those who are here illegally would have to wait a minimum of 15 years to gain citizenship, two years longer than the Senate version of immigration reform. But they would be eligible to receive a “probationary visa” Ryan said.

“We want to give people an ability to come out of the shadows and get themselves right with the law,” he said.

Ryan went out of his way to tell the crowd how he thought immigrants were important to America, striking a very conciliatory tone. This was in response to Representative King’s controversial statement that for every “Dreamer” that’s, “a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there that, they weigh 130 pounds and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

Paul Ryan rejected the statement vehemently when asked by a questioner:

“Representative King’s remarks, I disagree with, I disavow, and they’re wrong.”

Video of the question and Paul Ryan at ThinkProgress.

He then continued buttering up the illegals after getting someone’s life story:

Gustavo Vargas, 35, a Mexican-born laborer who lives in Racine, told Ryan of his yearning to become an American citizen and of the decision he made back in 2004 to bury his infant son in the United States.

“Listening to him, looking him in the eye, seeing his sincerity, what I get coming to me is, this is the American Dream, this is the American ideal,” Ryan said.

Later, Vargas said he spoke up because he wanted to let the congressman know “how hard it is to be an immigrant and how hard it is to be a father and try to support a family.”

Those who are against the Senate immigration bill would do well to imitate Ryan here – it is proper to feel some sympathy for those who have no recourse than to break the law in order to feed their families. Republicans can be opposed to illegal immigration without having to be insulting about it, which many Hispanics take as a hostility to all immigration.

Ryan seemed to try to compromise between the two positions, as he defended the longer 15-year waiting period to the illegal aliens who were upset at the extensive delay:

“We want to make sure we’re fair to the legal immigrant,” he said. “We want to make sure the law does not reward people for quote, unquote, cutting in line. We want to make sure that that person who came here legally in the first place who waited patiently, that they’re respected by being at the front of the line.”

Ryan added, “So, yes, it may be difficult and it might take 15 years for a person to get right. But I think that’s a pretty good deal given that we have all these undocumented Americans.”

If this is actually a robust waiting period instead of that in the Senate bill, which many critics claim have loopholes allowing too many illegals to skip the wait, some may oppose it based on reasoning that if it’s too difficult, illegals will prefer not to wait.

Again, unless there is real enforcement accompanying this waiting period, any difficulty added will act as a dis-incentive to illegal aliens to apply for legalization. In fact, a large proportion of illegal aliens did the same when Reagan’s expansive amnesty bill passed.

A last thing to consider if the legalization provisions are too soft, a recent poll shows that illegal immigrants favor the Democrat party by an 8-1 margin.

With the concessions to the conservative critics of amnesty, Paul Ryan will have a slightly less difficult time defending the House immigration legislation than Marco Rubio had defending the Senate bill. But the true test will be whether critics will be able to find loopholes in enforcement provisions.

Mexicans Outraged by Video of Official Humiliating 10-Year Old Orphan Selling Candy


In the State of Tabasco, in southern Mexico, a young orphan boy was accosted by an official and ordered to throw away the candies he was selling. The sad video has enraged many Mexicans after being posted on Youtube. In the video the official is holding cigarettes that he’s confiscated from the little boy, who is seen crying.

The video shows the poor, sandal-clad Tzotzil boy selling candy, cough drops and apparently cigarettes out of a wicker basket in Villahermosa, the capital of the Gulf coast state of Tabasco. State officials say the boy, Manuel Diaz Hernandez, was trying to earn money to buy his own school supplies.

In Mexico, it is illegal to sell candy on the street without a permit, but many of the poor find no other way to earn enough to feed themselves. In the southern states there is also a greater indigenous presence, and they are often less educated and less cared for than other Mexican citizens.

The video was viewed hundreds of thousands of times over the last few days, and on Friday the governmental National Human Rights Commission announced it would investigate the case. The city announced on Wednesday that it has fired the inspector.

It was the latest victory for social media in winning some measure of justice in Mexico. In recent years, social media have exposed a number of scandals and instances of mistreatment that often would have gone overlooked in the past.

“Any form of violence against children is totally unacceptable, especially when directed against Indians, who are one of the most vulnerable groups in the country,” the rights commission said in a statement.

All the outrage from Mexican citizens might have secured a happy ending for the indian boy – the state of Tabasco has offered him a scholarship and medical help.

It’s good to remind ourselves how lucky we are to be Americans – this kind of abuse is much more common in other countries like Mexico than they are here.

Read more from the AP

(note: his identification as an orphan came from unsubstantiated social media sources, but the AP story gave no indication that his parents were involved with his welfare)

SooperPodcast #48!! Carlos Danger, Obama’s Tranny Nanny, NSA!!

This week we have El Sooper, Matt Dawson, and DefendWallst for our podcast!! We discuss the NSA Scandal, liberals and salt and fat bans, a flashback to the zimmerman trial verdict, commercials, Obama’s tranny nanny, and other stuff!!  WoW!!!

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Some links to stories we discussed:

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Photos from the Los Angeles Rodney King Riots

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Is Obama’s ‘True Dat’ Speech Moment Historic?

Obama’s speech this afternoon was stuffed full of the same old thing he’s promised and threatened before. He promised to focus on the economy (after only 5 years!), and threatened that if Congress didn’t move quickly enough he would use the powers of the executive to advance his agenda (we don’t need no steenking constitution!).

There was one oddly historical moment that some noted on social media. While pontificating on the many new social government social programs he plans, he exclaimed:

I’m gonna challenge CEOs from some of America’s best companies to hire more Americans who have what it takes to fill that job opening but have been laid off for so long that nobody’s giving their resume an honest look.

When someone in the audience yelled something in addition to Obama’s remarks, he remarked, “true dat!” and then, catching himself, said, “that too!” instead.

Is this the first use of ebonics in a major presidential speech? Homespun colloquialisms have always been a hallmark of effective political outreach. George Bush was accused of using slang when greeting dignitaries with the familiar, “Yo Blair!” and Hillary Clinton was mocked by conservatives for her attempt at Southern dialect in front of an African-American audience. Joe Biden takes the award for awkward slang use when he said to a mostly African-American audience, “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains!” Even Marco Rubio has been known to quote his favorite rap lyrics on the Senate floor,  after Ted Cruz quoted the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V during the famed drone filibuster.

It’s worth noting this momentous occasion, when the first half-black president, while spouting off the oldest and disproved economic policies of the last century, interjected the first exclamation in ebonics in a presidential speech.

So that’s something.

13 People Who Want the Royal Baby, Not the Patriarchy, to Choose its Gender

Presented without commentary. Or very little of it anyway.

  “Dove” is a person of transgender choice:


“Heteronormative” means imposing traditional standards of gender:


Karl is a self-described “queer” from Ireland:




He got into a little tiff over it:



A “Queer Arachnofeminist”:

Some more on Storify. H/T @GenStuart

Make a Liberal Cry – Crush Their Boycott and #RushForSubway Today!

Apparently the geniuses who have tried and failed to get Macys to dump Donald Trump as their spokesperson are also trying to target Subway sandwich shops for being an advertiser on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not (I do), we can all agree that liberal boycotts are stupid and making liberals cry is fun. So go get a Subway sandwich today!!!

I have an idea:

So if you purchase a Subway sandwich today in support of Rush, or in ridicule of hippies, tweet a picture with the hashtag #RUSHforSubway.


I got mine, go get yours!!!

Outrageous Rolling Stone Cover with Geraldo Topless Selfie

It’s one thing for Rolling Stone to put a murderous monster on their cover who ruthlessly killed Americans, but it’s a whole other thing to put Fox News’ Geraldo on the cover:

Twitchy has the skinny on Geraldo’s crazy twitter pic.

Here’s the original Dzokhar cover: