Pathetic: 5 News Outlets That Haven’t Corrected Their Debunked McDonald’s Wage Story; UPDATE! 2 Corrections Captured!!


I know I’m kinda going crazy on this story, but it really really bugs the hell out of me. Liberals love attacking successful businesses, and even when they’re proven absolutely wrong, they persist in their error, spreading their filthy lies.

In this case, Huffington Post has retracted it’s claim that McDonald’s could double worker wages by raising food prices by 17%. It was based on an unsourced phantom study by some random undergrad student, and been thoroughly debunked by the blogosphere.

So why are these not corrected yet?

At ABC news:

UPDATE! They were very offended at ABC that I questioned them about this. We argued at length on twitter, but here’s an excerpt:






Dan Milano only “corrected” the source of the numbers, and didn’t notify his readers that the entire study is fake, as far as anyone can tell, because no one has seen the damn thing. Good job, ABC! We’re all impressed! lol!

At Business Insider:

The idiots at Think Progress:


The pendejos over at Alternet:


The mensos nice people at Forbes:


UPDATE: They were nice enough to respond and correct:


But their correction was bloodier than an ewok in a blender on a purée setting:

Morelix’s take: If McDonald’s workers were paid the $15 they’re demanding, the cost of a Big Mac would go up 68 cents, from its current price of $3.99 to $4.67.

By his estimates, A Big Mac meal would cost $6.66 rather than $5.69, and the chain’s famous Dollar Menu would go for $1.17. Morelix said that his number crunching assumes profits and other expenses are kept at the same absolute number. The research assistant said his math is based on increases in salaries and benefits for every McDonald’s worker, from minimum wage line cooks paid $7.25 an hour to CEO Donald Thompson, who made $8.75 million in 2012.

(Update: Unfortunately, Morelix did not, as Forbes’ Morgan Brennan first pointed out after publication, factor the company’s franchisee model into his calculations. And that, as CJR.org’s Ryan Chittum rightly points out, makes a big difference–as do a number of other factors excluded by Morelix. What a Big Mac would cost if McDonald’s workers were paid $15 an hour remains an unanswered question, but it would almost certainly not be what Morelix says.)

But hey, at least they corrected! As of this publishing, Think Progress is still holding out!!!