SooperPodcast #49! The Simpsons, Bradley Manning and Whisp Zimmerman!


This week we have El Sooper, Matt Dawson, and DefendWallst for our podcast!! We discuss the NSA Scandal, the Simpsons, some racing car thing, George Zimmerman being pulled over, Don Lemon, move over!

You simply must listen, or you’re a racist!!!

The show airs first on 10pm on the FTR online radio network every Thursday at 10PM EST. Join us in the chat room!

By the way, the FTR version may contain more explicit language, but the iTunes podcast will be squeaky clean!! Also, the FTR version is limited to 56 minutes but the podcast version will often EXTEND to more insanity! Wow! For free!!


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Some links to stories we discussed:

 Manning guilty of 20 charges, not aiding the enemy

Simpsons Co-Creator, with Terminal Cancer, Gives Away His TV Fortune

CNN Host Don Lemon’s ‘Tough Love’ for Black Community Inspires Hatred

Pendejo-Canoes at @HuffpostDenver Retract Ridiculous McDonald’s 17% Claim After Bloggers Challenge Them

Pathetic: 5 News Outlets That Haven’t Corrected Their Debunked McDonald’s Wage

Hey @HuffpostDenver – Where’s this McDonald’s “Study” You’re Citing From A University Student?

My Newest Fox News Latino Post: How a ‘Ghetto Mindset’ Instigates and Escalates Police Altercations

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