Stop Tweet Theft NOW!!!

The art of identifying tweet thieves is a difficult one. You can’t assume that just because someone makes the same joke as another that they stole it. But when the wording is exactly the same? Hmmmmmm….

July 29th, 3:38Pm

One hour later:


A few hours later:

Two days later! Shame on you, queen!


A Muslim tweet thief from the UK!!! Cut her tweeting thumbs off!!

Damn you dolphin!!! 4,000 retweets for your dirty chicanery! A pox on your blowhole!!!


No retweets for you, Marly… everyone knows you be thievin!!

Your profile says kittens are the best. DID YOU STEAL THAT LINE TOO?!?!


People, don’t steal tweets. It takes savory and delicious retweets out of the mouths of us hard-working, sweat-browed witty twitter users. And if I’m ever elected el Presidente, you shall all be mexecuted.

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