US Military Twitter Messages on Obama’s Birthday


While other elements of the United States government fawned and drooled over another year of failure for President Smarty McMompants, the various branches of the military weren’t as accommodating.

Ironically, the United States Coast Guard shares a birthday with President Pendejo:

BUT… the only attention they gave him was posting the recognition he gave to them:


The official US Army twitter account posted a link to an article honoring the valiant US troops who fulfill their duties without media fanfare:

Recognize the quote? Don’t tell the ACLU if you do!!! They did give one birthday greeting:


And of course there’s the Navy’s only birthday greeting:

And the Air Force:


The USMC recruiting command account only one tweet on his birthday:

The other account of the Marines had 6 tweets on Obama’s birthday, not one of them had anything to do with him.


Semper Fi, dog-eater!