Slate’s ‘Whiteskins’ Logo to Replace Racist ‘Redskins’ NFL Team Name, Because Racism

Washington Whiteskins-logo

Nothing on creation is as smug nor as indignant as a liberal who has gotten on their multi-cultural soapbox in order to whitey shame Americans into changing their behavior over a perceived racial grudge.

Enter Slate, whose latest entry into the hall of whitey shaming is truly spectacular!

This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins.

For decades, American Indian activists and others have been asking, urging, and haranguing the Washington Redskins to ditch their nickname, calling it a racist slur and an insult to Indians. They have collected historical and cultural examples of the use of redskin as a pejorative and twice sued to void the Redskins trademark, arguing that the name cannot be legally protected because it’s a slur. (A ruling on the second suit is expected soon; the first failed for technical reasons.) A group in the House of Representatives also recently introduced a bill to void the trademark. The team has been criticized from every different direction, by every kind of person. More than 20 years ago, Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser, no politically correct squish, urged the team to abandon the name. Today, the mayor of Washington, D.C.—the mayor!—goes out of his way to avoid saying the team’s name.

Now, as a person of Native American descent, that is, having descended from Aztec Indians in Mexico, I’d like to register my vote for all the namby pamby whiny liberals at Slate to shut up and let us enjoy our football.

In fact, as a person of heart-sacrificing noble savage descent, I’d like to say I’m more offended by Slate trying to demagogue more racial tension into American life. Given how their mission seems to be to dismantle the institutions and traditions that made America the greatest source of global prosperity, liberty and peace, I’d think they’d be more offended by the name of the New England NFL team – the Patriots!

So, whiteskins, I implore you, quit whining and trying to prove you’re not really racist. Shut up, sit back, and enjoy my Buffalo Bills’ inevitable march to the Superbowl.

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h/t to homie @ConservativeLA for the idea