Viral Facebook Picture: “I Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For Al-Qaeda In A Syrian Civil War!”

Viral Facebook Post: ‘I Didn’t Join The Navy To Fight For Al Qaeda In Syria!’

The Obama administration is advocating meekly for approval by Congress for a military strike on Syria. Between now and the vote for authorization, there are going to be a lot of voices for and against, but none would move our wills as much as those who will be asked to perform the strike, the U.S. Military.

That’s why this post, reportedly from a U.S. Naval Petty Officer, on Facebook for a conservative talk show has more than 5,000 ‘likes’ even though it’s only been online for four hours.

There is a controversy in the comments between those who think this kind of commentary is destructive to the military, and those who think he is justified, if not a hero, for doing so.


Apparently another soldier sent a similar pic to the radio show host:

SooperPodcast #53: Syria, Miley Twerkin and T-Bone Booker

This week @DefendWallst slutshames Miley Cyrus, @SaintRPH explains Cory Booker’s imaginary friend “t-bone” and the Sooper admits he doesn’t know anything about Syria! Wow!

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Nine Photos of Cory Booker’s Imaginary Friend ‘T-Bone’!

Newark Mayor and candidate for U.S. Senate Cory Booker is being accused of making up a hoodlum pal named “T-Bone” so that he could give stories in speeches to prove his street cred. Noted right wing extremist website National Review had this to say:

Booker’s tales of his trials and travails on the streets of Newark, the city that twice elected him mayor, are familiar, and they have helped to breed an almost mythological aura around the Stanford, Oxford, and Yale graduate. He did, after all, rescue a woman from a burning building last year, sustaining burns in the process. But sources tell National Review Online that the central character in one of Booker’s oft-repeated stories — T-Bone, the drug pusher who the mayor has said threatened his life at one turn and sobbed on his shoulder the next — is a figment of his imagination, even though Booker has talked about him in highly emotional terms and in great detail.

How do they explain all these T-Bones, then?!?!?


Five Big Lies Made At The ‘March On Washington’ 50th Anniversary

It really is a proud moment in our history that we can look back to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and see so much progress towards fulfilling the promise of equality in the Declaration of Independence.

That’s what makes it that much more sullied by pandering politicians hoping to use the event for their political agenda, and harangue Americans with overwrought accusations of racism lurking around every corner.

Here are five big lies made during speeches at the Lincoln Memorial to push liberal agenda items:


1) It’s easier to buy an assault weapon than it is to vote in America – Bill Clinton.

Actually it costs a lot of money, and you need an ID to get a gun permit, but don’t let that get in the way of a false speech point. And if you’d like to make it easier to purchase guns, be our guest!


2) From Obama – the Berlin Wall fell because of the Civil Rights Movement?!

I guess he’s saying, “you didn’t do that!” to Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul. We’re still waiting on his promise to lower the seas from 2008.


3) Somehow, racial equality has to do with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Coup, the Syrian Civil War between Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah, and Trayvon Martin being killed by a Peruvian.

This from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter.

In fact, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. called the American government “the greatest purveyor of violence” in reference to the Vietnam War. That doesn’t sound like someone who would have been cheering on a Syrian strike.


4) You can feed hungry people with courage, and also house the homeless in it! – Obama.

If you could feed and house people with courage, then Obama is surely the cause of most of the poverty and homelessness in the world. Oh and by the way, incomes fell more than twice as much under Obama’s “recovery” than they did during the recession. Should we really be taking advice from this guy on feeding and sheltering?


5) Dimwitted crusader against Zionism Jimmy Carter knows MLK would have loved gun control!

Except, Reverend King owned an “arsenal” of guns for his own protection, and he even applied for a concealed carry license, which was denied for racist reasons. History is inconvenient for Jimmy Carter, and often cruel to him.


Oh well, what difference does truth make? While the rest of American society continues making progress, we can be sure the liberals and Democrats will fight tooth and nail so that no one admits it.

Breaking: Fort Hood Terrorist Nidal Sentenced To Death

After three years, the terrorist who killed 13 at Fort Hood has been sentenced to death following a court case where he represented himself poorly in order to gain martyrdom. It looks like he’s going to get his wish.

He will become the first US soldier to be given the death sentence in over fifty years.

From the Guardian:

Hasan had no visible reaction when the verdict was read, staring first at the jury forewoman and then at the judge. Some victims’ relatives were in the courtroom but also showed no reaction, which the judge had warned against before the verdict.

…because the military justice system requires a lengthy appeals process, years or even decades could pass before he is put to death.

Perhaps this is the best of both worlds – he won’t be “martyred” for a very long time while languishing in prison, but the families of the victims have the satisfaction of knowing that he was at least sentenced to the harshest punishment possible under American law.

And yet there is still another great unresolved injustice in the attack – the Obama administration still classifies the attack as “workplace violence,” and in doing so, keeps those who were injured from gaining the full access to healthcare they deserve. This is exactly why police sergeant Kimberly Munly, who helped stopped Nidal’s rampage, said Obama had “betrayed” the victims and left them “neglected.”

With this chapter closing, hopefully Obama will have the guts to admit the nature of this terrorist attack and honor those victims. But don’t hold your breath – there’s too much political capital in shirking his own responsibility.

Will Obama Mention Martin Luther King Jr.’s Anti-War Position While Getting Ready To Bomb Syria?

Obama will take the stage today to do what he does best – talk about himself. He’ll probably draw up some tears as he thinks about how he’s the best thing ever and a fulfillment of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech.

Few liberals, as they’re wiping their tears away, will remember how virulently MLK was against war. Take this quote from his speech on the Vietnam War:

Hmmm.. interesting that Rev. King didn’t say “nation” or “country” – he specifically noted it was the government.

I don’t know if Reverend King would have been for Obamacare, but I doubt he would have supported the unconstitutional war we’re embarking on in Syria, and Obama’s incessant demand that everyone love and trust their government.

My Infographic of the “Short Guide To The Middle East”

Ever had the feeling that the Middle East is completely outside of your grasp of understanding? Have no fear! A short letter to the Financial Times explained everything simply and easily, and has gone viral all over the internet:


So I thought I would help everyone out and create an infographic of the simple and elegant explanation. Here ya go:

Now let’s all be Middle East pundits!!!

OFA Organizer Takes Liberal Advice To Vomit On Herself To Dissuade Male Aggression

If you don’t remember the big brouhaha, or rather bro-ha-ha, from a few months ago, conservatives mocked and ridiculed liberals for advising women to vomit or urinate on themselves when they felt they were being threatened by rape, rather than carry an evil no-good gun.

It seems like one OFA fellow and organizer took the advice!!

Did it work? Not sure.. her next tweets didn’t say anything more. We hope she was successful in warding off her heinous patriarchal male aggressor (who was probably white too). Later, it seems she was felt threatened by rape from the entire internet community, because she tweeted this:


I’d like to apologize on behalf of all internet males who made Megan so uncomfortable she felt she had to threaten to vomit on herself to send us away.

Obamanomics Fail: American Incomes Fell By Twice As Much During Obama ‘Recovery’ Than During ‘Recession’

The Weekly Standard Blog reports on another failure of the Obama economic policy. According to new research, Obama’s attempt to staunch the “income gap” has caused the average income Americans to fall at a much greater rate during his “recovery” than what he constantly touts as, “the greatest recession since the Great Depression.”

New estimates derived from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey by Sentier Research indicate that the real (inflation-adjusted) median annual household income in America has fallen by 4.4 percent during the “recovery,” after having fallen by 1.8 during the recession.  During the recession, the median American household income fell by $1,002 (from $55,480 to $54,478). During the recovery—that is, from the officially defined end of the recession (in June 2009) to the most recent month for which figures are available (June 2013)—the median American household income has fallen by $2,380 (from $54,478 to $52,098).  So the typical American household is making almost $2,400 less per year (in constant 2013 dollars) than it was four years ago, when the Obama “recovery” began.

Actually, the disparity is more than twice as much, approaching two and a half times as much.

Let’s take the liberal assumption that income inequality is a measure that should be considered as a measure of success of governance, and that the government should be concerned with lessening it, even at the expense of average income growth.

How did Obama do there? Awful:

Research by University of California economist Emmanuel Saez shows that since the Obama recovery started in June 2009, the average income of the top 1% grew 11.2% in real terms through 2011.

 The bottom 99%, in contrast, saw their incomes shrink by 0.4%.

As a result, 121% of the gains in real income during Obama’s recovery have gone to the top 1%. By comparison, the top 1% captured 65% of income gains during the Bush expansion of 2002-07, and 45% of the gains under Clinton’s expansion in the 1990s.

So if the “recovery” fails by the conservative standard of simply raising wealth and prosperity, and it fails by the liberal measure of redistribution of income from the top to the bottom, what is left to credit Obama with?

Nothing – which is exactly why he spends all his time blaming congress for his failures.

Sooperpodcast #52: Weekly Roundup 8.23.13

This week’s roundup of the news included @DefendWallSt and @SaintRPH!!!!

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Here are the links we talked about on the show:

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Listen To Colorado Legislator Saying Blacks And Mexicans Are Poor Because They Eat Chicken and Barbecue

Ron Paul: Chris Kyle: Not a hero; Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning: Totally brave, guys!

‘People Of The United States, Hillary Doesn’t Give A Damn About You!’ – Benghazi Victim’s Mother

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Morlock Revolt!! Nekkid ‘n Skeered: The New Redneck Reality show

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Russell Simmons’ Editor-In-Chief Can’t Spell No Gewd

In the continuing and idiotic saga of Russell Simmons’ disgusting and wretched video insulting the memory of Harriet Tubman, I’ve been waiting for Michael Skolnick to chime in. He’s the “editor-in-chief” of Simmons’ Global Grind endeavor, and is used to saying stupid things without any consequences. He was up to the task of providing me with comedic fodder.

Thank you, editor-in-chief. You were lookin’ for “Lowes” and “biased.”

Skolnick got a lot of fawning praise over his statement on the twitters– none of them mentioned the typos. Did they actually read it, or more likely, are they just as stupid as Skolnick is?

Here’s a video to get you caught up on the Harriet Tubman Sex Tape furor:

Viral Pic: Coptic Christians Pray Inside Burnt Husk of Church in Egypt

One of the more awful aspects of Egypt collapsing into chaos is the targeting by the Muslim Brotherhood on Christians for their support of the coup against Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood is unable to directly attack the overwhelming power of the Egyptian Army, Christians are a vulnerable party especially in the more rural parts of Egypt where there is less protection from the police and army.

This is why this picture of Coptic Christians praying inside what’s left of their church after being burnt has gone viral on facebook, with 3,300 shares so far.

The pic is reportedly from Pope Tawadros II, the Coptic Pope of Alexandria.


Thankfully, some Muslims are helping protect Copts:

Thin-Skinned Much? ‘Ready For Hillary’ PAC Lawyer Takes Aim At My Clinton Logo Parodies

When the “Ready for Hillary” political action committee ramped up their efforts to energize an otherwise anemic base for Hillary’s presidential campaign, many in the blogosphere used the opportunity to mock the creepy logo they ran with. One such sarcastic blogger was your handsome neighborhood Mexican, also known as SooperMexican.

These are my parody versions of the logo:

And also these:

It seems that Hillary’s PAC didn’t appreciate the good-natured ribbing, as they armed up their lawyers to demand the photoshopped designs be erased from the internet.

This is the text of the email I received in regards to the parody logos:

Dear CafePress Member,

Thank you for using CafePress!

In accordance with our Intellectual Property Rights Policy, James Lamb on behalf of Ready for Hillary PAC provided us with a notice stating that your use of the “Ready for Hillary” logo and “3 flag logo” infringes upon their intellectual property rights (copyright).  Please click here for more information about intellectual property.

Accordingly, we have set the content that is alleged to infringe the rights of the third party to “pending status” which disables said content from being displayed in your shop or purchased by the public.

If you believe that you hold the rights to the content alleged to infringe the rights of the third party, we encourage you to contact the alleged rights holder directly for a resolution to this matter.  Below please find the contact information for the party alleging infringement.

James Lamb

Sandler Reiff Young & Lamb, P.C.

[contact info redacted]
We apologize for any inconvenience that our actions may cause you.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


 Lindsay Moore
Intellectual Property Manager

[contact info redacted]

I just have to wonder… if a simple photoshop mockery can get under the skin of the Hillary prezzy campaign 3 years before the election, how are they gonna deal with some real pressure?

Frankly, this just makes me want to make more photoshop logos!