Mexclusive: Rambling Religious Manifesto Of TSA Screener Arrested For 9/11 Threats

A website apparently belonging to a man arrested for making threats to LAX related to 9/11 has been found, with what might be the letter identified as the threat.

Late last night it was reported that a 29-year-old Nigerian immigrant by the name of Nna Alpha Onuoha was being sought for allegedly making threats against LAX on the anniversary of 9/11. He had been suspended from his job as a TSA screener at the airport, and after resigning abruptly, he left a letter at TSA headquarters supposedly containing a threat having to do with the anniversary of 9/11 today.

From KFI News in Los Angeles:

A Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad determined the package was  harmless, but it did contain an eight-page letter in which Onuoha wrote about  the incident that led to his suspension and expressed “his disdain for the  United States,” she said.

“Later in the day, a male believed to be Onuoha telephonically  contacted the TSA, instructing an employee to `begin evacuating certain  terminals at the airport,”’ Eimiller said. “The caller told the employee that  he would `be watching’ to see if TSA was evacuating the terminals as he  instructed.”

Another call was received by the TSA, again believed to have been from  Onuoha, saying that specific LAX terminals should be evacuated, she said.

“The terminals in question were cleared by law enforcement personnel  and no threat to the airport was found,” Eimiller said.

Members of the JTTF then went to Onuoha’s apartment, which they found  empty except for a note taped inside a closet “containing an unspecified  threat citing the 9/11/13 anniversary,” she said.

On a website at the URL www.satanhasfallen.org three long rambling religious manifestos have been posted under the same name of Nna Alpha Onuoha, including one which includes the following statements:

For years, this nation, America, satan and his people in the world has persecuted Him who sent me to deliver His warning to America and the whole world. For years, America, satan and his people in the world has persecuted the people of Him who sent me, many they have killed, many they will continue to kill, and they will continue to justify this evil as freedom. On the day that I release the message from the Ruler who sent me to the whole world, any soul, any nation of satan’s that fails to obey the instructions from the Ruler who sent me will be turned into hell, even the once mighty American government that gloats with arrogance will be reduced to nothing just like the nothing that she is.

Do not expect another 9/11. What will unfold on this day and on the days ahead will be greater than 9/11; the day that America, satan, and their allies come together to celebrate and revere.

There was some event with a fifteen-year-old girl that he says started him on his mission – apparently someone wrote about him on their blog, and this angered him greatly.

So to whom and those that it may concern, I have read that you demanded an apology, and I have taken some time to write to you, to America, to satan and his allies in the whole world about how I feel. On 09/11/13, I will release some Instructions that delivers my real message to you, to America, to satan and his people in the whole world. On this day, the Ruler who sent me will be glorified, for this day will mark the final days of satan and his allies, and their place in the world. On that day, after this day, I will send my peace to those who received the instructions with joy, for they are the ones who will understand that the end of satan and satan’s allies in the world is finally here, and these people are everywhere in your country, and in the whole world. On this day, after this day, it will be wise for everyone to remain indoors until all the Instructions are redelivered. On this day, after this day, I will carry out the orders that have been given to me by our Ruler. On this day, I will dissolve the American government, I will dissolve satan’s government and those of his allies…. To America, satan, and his allies, prepare your war machines, prepare your men and women of war, prepare your quick reactions forces, on this day, I will test them, and I will remind them that they are nothing, for I will bind them, shame them, and trample them underfoot.

His demands:

I call on all foreign troops to leave Middle East immediately…. Close the Guantanamo Prison, persecute or release these prisoners immediately that you are torturing every day; if you have proof that they have done wrong, if you wish to persecute them, do whatever pleases you…. Any nation that does not withdraw their troops from Middle East, and give them the chance to find themselves during this period will answer to the Ruler who sent me, they will be held accountable…

He then gives a separate message to the LAX passengers. to Al Qaeda, to Syria, and to “all nations.”

He says that he is a Nigerian who is accused of being terrorist because of his “funny name.” And he specifically denies that he a terrorist:

…by now the news media have probably come to the conclusion that I’m a terrorist, and then, they’ll spin their lies to get more viewers for their “brainwashing session,” and tell you to trust them, that they know it all. Not to be too harsh on the media, if I myself was on one of their channels that satan uses to bring us into captivity, and keep us in bondage, after I heard that I am a Nigerian with a funny name, I probably would’ve told all of you to go hide, dig a tunnel, call on the mountains to hide.

In fact, it seems like he did this only to gain attention to his rambling message.

He has been arrested, and authorities believe the threat has been contained.


The media will probably make a big deal out of the fact that he identifies as a Christian, but he also includes these statements:

If you need an example on how to properly dress your fifteen year old daughter before you send her out on a world tour in this world ruled by satan, you should look up to Muslim women, learn how to dress your daughter like them, and not like Madonna and those like her who lack good morals; those that satan are using to corrupt the young and the innocent.

and in another letter,

Are you a Christian? I am a Christian. Are you a Muslim? I am a Muslim. Are you a Jew? I am a Jew.

Regardless, his letters are long, rambling expositions of biblical quotes and inferences. He doesn’t seem terribly sane. How did this guy become a TSA agent charged with keeping us safe?

You can read the entire 17-pager letter here.