Breathless Ed Schultz: ‘I Can’t Believe People Don’t LOVE Obama!’

It looks like Ed Schultz is angling for the Chris Matthews “Tingle Leg” award for most sycophantic admiration of Barack Obama.

Americans began to sour on Obama since the NSA scandal broke the partisan divide and brought together critics of his surveillance program from both parties. Now the abject ineptitude of the administration on Syria has garnered him the lowest approval rating on foreign policy he’s ever had.

Ed Schultz defense of Obama’s domestic economic failures are ridiculous when considered in the light of how bad the “recovery” has been for Americans compared to the recession. On his seconf point, while it’s true that the stock market is nominally higher than it has ever been, when adjusted for inflation, it’s far from historic highs.

And people like Ed Schultz still wonder why people don’t “love” Obama? Keep drinkin; that Kool-aid, Ed.