Infographic: The Enrollment Bottleneck of HealthCare.Gov’s First Week

While we wait for the White House to provide real numbers on how many actually enrolled to Obamacare, some enterprising number crunchers are doing some of their own analysis, and it’s not good for Obamacare.

Market research firm Millward Brown Digital estimates that 99.6% of visitors to the website in the first week did not enroll in Obamacare, either because they couldn’t, or weren’t interested.

Below is our infographic of the relative numbers of visitors, those who attempted to register, how many were successful, how many began enrollment, and how many actually enrolled. PolicyMic.com remarked that if it’s anywhere near accurate, it “could be the White House’s worst nightmare.”


According to their analysis:

  • 5.4 times as many people began enrollment as actually completed it.
  • For every 15 people who completed registration, only 2 actually enrolled in Obamacare.
  • Only one of four who attempted to register, were actually able to register.
  • Only one person signed up to Obamacare out of every 157 people who visited the individual marketplace.
  • For every 263 unique visitors to the site, only one signed up for Obamacare. That’s about 99.6% that visited, but didn’t sign up, or weren’t able to.

Pretty dismal, especially for the signature legislation of this president. It’s no wonder his polling numbers are in freefall.

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