A Timeline Of What Alec Baldwin Did To Get Suspended From MSNBC

For most conservatives, seeing Obama admit that his signature legislation that bears his name is an abject failure is the height of schadenfreude material. For me, it’s Alec Baldwin being suspended from his MSNBC show for his erratic and violent behavior. Ok, it’s both, most the Obama thing, but also the Alec thing.

In case you haven’t heard of the amazing events that led to his inglorious suspension, here is a timeline of “What Alec Did,” for your education and humor.

Valentines Day 2010: He takes this crazy lady to dinner. There are two versions of this event. Her version: it was her “dream date,” after which they had sex at a Manhattan hotel, and he promised to make her an omelet. His version: he took her to dinner because he’s a nice guy (no really, that’s his story), and because she’s the mistress of “Scarface” producer Martin Bregman. Martin says Alec is a liar. Seems legit.

A shorter long time ago: Crazy lady starts demanding attention from him, his girlfriend (later wife) Hilaria doesn’t appreciate it, and calls the cops on her.

Even shorter time ago: Crazy lady stalks Alec, creates a Twitter account to harass him and Hilaria. He actually gets his dim-witted followers to attack her on Twitter! She suspends her account.

Ironically, he had also created a fake Twitter persona to attack his critics too! But I digress.

Crazy lady accosts Alec at a film screening he’s hosting.

April 2012: She tries to contact him at his apartment, then-fiance Hilaria has her arrested.

Thursday, November 14th: The Crazening!

After a few days of a crazy criminal trial, Alec wins and crazy lady Genevieve Sabourin is sentenced to jail for 6  months. Rather than celebrate this rather fortunate turn of events, Alec threatens a photographer, chasing him down the street. Spotting another paparazzi, he makes chase again, but thinks better of it, and mutters, reportedly, “c***sucking f*g!

Alec defends himself on Twitter after TMZ posts the video of his muttering what sounds like a homophobic slur – his defense? He was saying “fathead” not the slur! He’s since deleted the tweets, but here they are!

Alec baldwin -deleted tweets

Alas, that apology wasn’t enough! Not enough people believed him this time, especially after the last Twitter homophobic rant in June, when he called a gay reporter a “toxic little queen,” and then tweeted,”[I’d] put my foot up your f***ing a**, George Stark, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much!”

Apparently, his “get out of homophobic rants” card is all punched out, because liberals (finally) had enough, and started calling him out.

Gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper ripped into him.

Gay blogger Andrew Sullivan railed into him.

Someone from the gay advocate group GLAAD told him “c***sucker” is actually a gay slur, so he apologized for that!


Ah well, that’s a happy ending, right? No! Little did we know this was only the beginning!

Friday, November 15th: EndGame!

Alec Baldwin threatens a Fox News reporter twice. Then he assaults another reporter, knocking his camera-phone out of his hand. A different Fox News reporter tries to ask Hilaria about this assault, and she accuses the reporter of trying to knock her teeth out!

In order to prove that he’s not a homophobe, Alec Baldwin actually trots out his gay hairdresser to show that he plays nice with some gay people. Ah, the old, “I can’t be a homophobe, my hairdresser is gay” defense. Well played, Alec!

At this point, he actually hires some tough guys to help him push away the paparazzi! A shoving match ensues, police are called out, and general pandemonium breaks out. It’s at this point that Alec finds the woman Hilaria has accused of trying to knock her teeth out, and starts berating the woman, eventually yelling at cops that he wants to press charges!

After berating the reporter, Alec tries to drive away, but clips the car in front of him. This is not the best day for Alec. More ruckus as Alec gets the guy’s info so that he can pay for the damage to his car.

Unfortunately for our serenity-challenged friend, that was just too much! Later that evening he tweeted this message, seemingly anticipating the announcement from MSNBC:


And a statement of apology:


But by then, the axe had fallen! MSNBC announced that his show – which had barely been on the air for a month – was suspended for two weeks!

There you have it – an attempt at a comprehensive timeline of all the insanity that Alec Baldwin has foisted on the poor unsuspecting American public!

And not to toot my own horn, but I kinda predicted this two weeks ago:


Losing the show is negative viewership, right?

In any case, please feel free to ask Capital One and Hulu if they’re still comfortable having this homophobe be their spokesperson.