My Response To Liberal Accusations That I’m Not Mexican

As a Hispanic conservative, I often marvel at the bilious vitriol that the left reserves for those who would dare threaten one of their most dearly held religious dogmas: minorities are exclusive property of the Democratic party. Any who might transgress against this holy writ shall be excoriated and attacked. Verily, verily, I say unto thee.

That’s the greatest reason why I maintain my anonymity in my capacity as a political commentator, and that’s also why certain leftists find it irresistible to further attack me. Some even go so far as to accuse me of not actually being of Mexican descent, and demand evidence of my Mexculinity.

No, I’m serious, they do this.

So they basically demand that I show “them my papers.” My response can be summed up by the venerable old saying, “Badges?! We don’t need no stinking badges!”

One such attack has surfaced from the foetid depths of irrelevance from a Hispanic left-wing website. The hastily written and poorly argued screed betrays an obvious desperation for attention from a poorly visited site begging for the page views such a critique might generate.

I will address their accusation, as far can be determined from their incoherent and semi-literate scrawling.

Very early on as I began to voice my views as a conservative, some on the left would hurl more than insults. I received threats against my career and even a few on my life. This is typical of political debate in the age of online social media interaction. However, there are enough examples, rare as they may be, of such individuals making good on their threats.

For this reason, I began to batten down the hatches and protect my identity in order to spare my family from whatever deranged menace might coalesce into act.

I won’t apologize for this, and I will continue advocating anonymously. Those who choose to consider my political opinions can make their own decision to give credence to my opinion, or to dismiss it, much like all consumers of opinion do, every day.

I will probably continue to be targeted by liberals for what I do, much as they have done to conservatives who have chosen to divulge their identity. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others are routinely accused of not being “really Hispanic.” Actress Stacy Dash is routinely assaulted with vile racist taunts, while ironically having her racial identification as a black woman called into question. Conservative women are often barraged with sexist epithets, and told they’re not “really women.”

The pathetic accusation that I am not Mexican won’t stop if I drop my anonymity, because it doesn’t depend on any rational basis in reality. It is fueled entirely by a deep and bitter hatred against minorities of any kind who refuse to toe the liberal line.

In fact, the aforementioned liberal Latino blog site posted earlier last year a failed attempt at satire reporting Marco Rubio admitted to not being of any Latino descent, but revealing that he is a white guy from Kansas. A telling quote from that article describing Hispanic conservatives manifests their partisan pandering:

a small number of self-hating Latino Republicans (estimated to be about .0000000000007% of the US Latino population)

Clever, huh?

Lastly, I must point out that much of what I do has a Latino tinge to it, but has very little to do with my identity as an American of Mexican descent. I had a viral humor video with 1.5 million views, my humor graphics have gone viral on social media, I’ve produced original investigations that have led to national coverage, my stories have been quoted and cited on many national cable news and radio outlets.

However, the reason I do those things, my worldview, is essentially and intimately tied up with my upbringing in a Mexican home and a Hispanic community. I am grateful and proud of my heritage, and my experience as such forms the foundation of my political opinions. How I express myself politically has everything to do with my being an American who loves his country and wishes to support the institutions and traditions that made this nation great.

Can I continue in my fight with my conservative brothers and sisters regardless of their skin color?

I say emphatically, “Si Se Puede!”


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