Salon Chastises Conservatives For Horning In On Liberals’ Politicization Of Newtown Tragedy


All of America sorrowfully looks back on this year anniversary of the horrifying attack at Newtown that took 26 precious little lives. Unfortunately, nothing escapes politicization anymore, including national tragedies.

All sides are guilty of this – years ago we would deny we were doing it, but now there are opinion pieces written shamelessly blaring out, “of course Newtown should be politicized.” Salon mag, as usual, stands out from the pack in being ridiculously hypocritical about their criticisms of conservatives.

In a post entitled, “Right-wing Twitter jumps on Arapahoe High School shooting,” Salon writers blithely ignore all the hatred spewed by the left, and post some “despicable” tweets from the conservative side of Twitter, all the while grasping their pearls in faux-disgust.

How dare Conservatives talk about gun control on the day that some crazed degenerate shoots innocent people? Don’t we know that only liberals are allowed to do that?

But not one of those “despicable” tweets has even a curse word in them – what they find so awful is that anyone would dare have a political opinion contrary to theirs.

Here are some non-partisan comments from their readers on Friday when the Arapahoe shooting story broke:

LARMARCH15: The only way we will be free of guns is for sensible people to refuse to procreate with anyone who owns a gun. That way the numbers of FAMILIES with guns will continue to decline.

DAVID-SMITH: Quite simply, I don’t believe that anyone — at least no one with sufficient intellectual capacity to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide — is actually stupid enough to fantasize that the promiscuous availability of more guns could conceivably result in fewer gun deaths. Like the other vacuous slogans of the rightwing media… it’s no more than an incoherent grunt of tribal affiliation, serving much the same purpose as when dogs sniff one another’s assholes to assure each other they’re no threat.

SOCIOLOGIST: WFT [sic]  is wrong with us?  It’s the unintended consequences of the founders including a constitutional amendment that allows everyone to have easy access to military weapons. 

LANGLEY PARK: Right wingers, don’t even bother with “It’s a mental health issue, not a gun issue”, bullcrap. We are helpless in the face of mental illness with a gun because of our freedoms and you know it.

Want to see more bilious politicization from the left? Read nearly any comment to a tweet by Salon about Arapahoe or Newtown.

In fact, when even the Obama administration was pausing to comment on the Newtown tragedy so as not to appear insensitive, the dolts at Salon went full metal gun-grabbing only 39 minutes after first posting about it:

salon-gun control

And they were foaming at the mouth rabid to attack gun advocates on that day:

1:48 p.m. Salon tweets:

2:17 p.m.

2:20 p.m.

The next day:

Day after that:

Four days later:

Five days later:

I’m pretty sure I heard an editor at Salon stubbed his toe while dancing on the Newtown victims’ graves and blamed it on an assault weapon. Whatever you may think about where to draw the line on bringing politics into every event, it’s clear that the left is shamelessly hypocritical when attempting to criticize random Twitter users for a sin they commit with abandon.

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