Popular Egyptian Puppet ‘Fahita’ Accused Of Aiding Muslim Brotherhood

Meanwhile in Egypt, the ruling government is so afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood that it’s going after a popular puppet that is being accused of aiding terrorists via it’s television commercials for Vodafone.

From Al Arabiya:

Vodafone Egypt, the largest mobile phone company in the country, has come under investigation on Wednesday over an advert starring a popular cartoon character accused of delivering encoded messages to an imminent terrorist attack.

Egyptian state security prosecutors opened the investigation into Vodafone’s alleged “dangerous” commercial following a complaint by an activist known as Ahmad Spider.

Spider said that the words “mall security guard” and “police dog” were secret messages intended to help terrorists plan an attack on a mall after Christmas. Talk about “dog whistles”!

“The dog, garage, guard, mall and next to us these are elements tell us that there will be a big mall and an explosion after a dog . fails to find the bomb in a car,” Spider said. He said he filed a complaint with Egypt’s prosecutor general who referred it to state security prosecutors, who handle terrorism and other political allegations.

Supposedly the Christmas ornaments on the tree were also made to appear like bombs, and the branches of the cactus in the video (posted above) formed the “rabaah,” a hand gesture used among Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

A picture circulated on social media shows the puppet’s creators making the “rabaah” gesture themselves:

A Vodafone representative called the allegations ridiculous. Abla Fahita, the accused terrorist puppet, has a Twitter account with more than 90,000 followers:

This became the butt of jokes on Twitter, among those who don’t take terrorist puppets seriously enough!

Very impressive, Egypt. Can we ship you some more weapons and billions of dollars of aid please?