The Most Hilarious Pro-2nd Amendment Vandalism You’re Gonna See This Year

When you’re the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and you set up a booth at the largest gun show in the world, you’re gonna have to expect some shenanigans from the gun enthusiast attendees.

One particularly clever 2nd Amendment supporter snuck up to the ATF booth and committed one of the more hilarious acts of political commentary we’ve seen in a long time:


See that on the poster? That sticker doesn’t belong there!!




Sorry dude.

For those not in the know, “Molon Labe” has been taken up by 2nd Amendment defenders as a slogan meaning, “come and take them,” referring to firearms. It’s reportedly what Spartan king Leonidas said in retort to the Persian demand that they lay down their arms at the famous battle at Thermopylae. I’m told that since there is no perfect transliteration of the original Greek into English, “Molan Labe” is a reasonable version as well as the more traditional “Molon Labe.”

While we cannot condone vandalism, we salute the wit of the gun right advocate in his modest act of civil disobedience.