Listen To Welfare Abuser Brag About ‘Stealing Money’ From Taxpayers

A remarkable conversation happened when a woman called into a radio station and defended her abuse of welfare, and unwillingness to work for her and her children.

She called in to brag about how she gets to sit home all day and she gets to ”visit my friends all day” as well as ”smoke weed” instead of working for a paycheck. The women claimed to be getting about $450 altogether in food stamps.

[She]  told the radio host, “Can you really blame us?? The caller, Lucy, goes on to claim that while her husband works part-time, he doesn’t really work that much because “he doesn’t see the need for it.

…[She] goes on to ask an incredibly valid question, “Why should I work?” She also says, “We’re the one’s getting paid, can you really blame us?”

Surprisingly, the hosts don’t have much of a reply. They should have at least drawn the distinction between someone giving money as a gift, and she defrauding the government out of money intended for the poor and needy, not the greedy and lazy.

h/t Right Wing News

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