Watch Rep. Mike Grimm Threaten Reporter He’d Throw Him Off Balcony, Break Him In Half ‘Like A Boy’

Republican House Representative Michael Grimm sure knows how to knock Obama’s State of the Union speech out of the news cycle – just threaten a reporter with physical harm while he’s on camera!

Apparently Grimm didn’t appreciate NY1 political reporter Michael Scotto attempting to ask him questions about a campaign finance scandal he’d been dealing with since 2012. After walking away, he came back and verbally abused Scotto, saying he’d throw him off the balcony, and finished up saying, “I’ll break you in half. Like a boy!”

Grimm later released this statement trying to explain why he got so upset, but not apologizing for the outburst:

I was extremely annoyed because I was doing NY1 a favor by rushing to do their interview first in lieu of several other requests. The reporter knew that I was in a hurry and was only there to comment on the State of the Union, but insisted on taking a disrespectful and cheap shot at the end of the interview, because I did not have time to speak off-topic. I verbally took the reporter to task and told him off, because I expect a certain level of professionalism and respect, especially when I go out of my way to do that reporter a favor. I doubt that I am the first member of Congress to tell off a reporter, and I am sure I won’t be the last.

Now that’s how you handle an unruly reporter!