Can You Guess Which Pro-Womany Democrat Won The ‘Woman’s Day’ Mag Pro-Woman Award?

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The following post will very likely seem like the most audacious and unbelievable satire. But we at IJReview assure you that it is, to the best of our knowledge, a 100% true fact of reality. For reals.

The magazine “Woman’s Day” has honored many luminaries worthy of their award for helping the cause against heart disease, but no one has done more to women’s hearts over the years than their latest recipient, Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton.

Yes, the former Oval Office resident took time away from his busy pro-woman schedule to be driven down to the pro-woman awards ceremony, and receive his pro-woman award from all the fawning, sycophantic pro-women women.

Here are some tweets from the event:




Lookin’ good, Bubba! We all know how nothing cheers up Clinton like a roomful of pro-women willing to overlook his past “indiscretions” with their gender comrades.

But you haven’t heard the best pro-woman award thing ever yet. The name of the honor was the “red dress award” of course! Who has more history with brightly colored dresses of import than Slick Willy? No one! He loves them of all colors, especially the blue ones.

We’re sure after receiving his pro-womany award, the indefatigable prez went home to his humidor to enjoy his favorite pro-womany cigar.  After all, every day is some “woman’s day” in Bill Clinton world!

No, seriously, that totally happened.

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