President Who Lied About Obamacare Demand Businesses Not Tell Truth About Obamacare Firings

One of the provisions in the newest delay of Obamacare carries a curious attempt by the administration to make sure that businesses don’t follow their own financial interests under the new legislation.

The delay would extend the deadline for 50 to a 100 employee businesses beyond the election date, assuring everyone that this wasn’t a political decision at all. But in order to cut off criticism that businesses might fire employees to get under the new threshold, the administration is going to demand a loyalty pledge from all businesses promising that if they fire employees, it wasn’t because of Obamacare:

Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs. You can duck the law, but only if you promise not to say so.

The practical effect of this is purely political – businesses will of course fire employees whenever Obamacare is too onerous to remain profitable, but they simply won’t be able to tell anyone about it, under penalty of perjury from the IRS.

How great is that? It’s not like the IRS has been known for, oh I don’t know, going after the political opponents of the regal president in the immediate past, right?

So what the Republicans said would happen under the simplest, most easily understandable laws of free market economics is so likely to happen that the administration has to threaten businesses to shut up about it, or face the wrath of the highly partisan IRS.

But hey, don’t worry about all that confusing stuff, comrade, because the administration assures us that it’s not a BFD:

Officials stressed that the latest reprieve applies to a relatively small percentage of employers — albeit companies that employ millions of workers. 

Oh. Just millions of jobs? Well then, let’s focus on more important things, like bridge closings.

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