Stephen Colbert Wins ‘Celebrity White House: State Dinner Edition’ Reality TV Show


While all of us were looking, the White House every so slowly became a celebrity reality TV show. The climax to this political autoerotic asphyxiation arrived last night when Stephen Colbert won the last rose.

Yes, it was a star-studded evening as the imperial president welcomed his socialist counterpart from across the pond, French president Francois Hollande, to a sumptuous feast fit for French royalty, all while being entertained by their dancing Hollywood minstrels. Jumpin’ Joe Biden took his right as Viceroy Regent to choose a damsel for his own among the dinner guests, and chose Julia Louie-Dreyfus, the star of “VEEP,” just for poetic justice:


biden-dinner2 biden-dinner1Don’t be sad for poor Julia having to slap away crazy Uncle Joe’s creepy groping attempts – that was just a consolation prize! The winner of this year’s “Celebrity White House: State Dinner Edition” competition was Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, who was rewarded for making sure the youth of America kept their IQs low enough to unquestioningly accept Obama’s propaganda. For his help in securing the king’s re-election, Stephen got a front seat at the head table, right next to Michelle Obama!


Congratulations, Stephen Colbert! All that sycophantic sucking up to the imperial president paid off handsomely! We hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s edition of “Celebrity White House: State Dinner!”

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h/t Twitchy