If Eric Holder Has His Way, 6 Million More Democrats Will Get To Vote Than Can Now

eric holder

The administration must be getting a little nervous about the immigration bill getting through the Republican held House in order to start ushering in millions of new Democrat voters soon enough.

That’s why he’s pressing for a different group of very likely Democrat voters to regain the right to vote – felons!

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. called Tuesday for the repeal of laws that prohibit millions of felons from voting, underscoring the Obama administration’s determination to elevate issues of criminal justice and race in the president’s second term and create a lasting civil rights legacy.

In a speech at Georgetown University, Mr. Holder described today’s prohibitions — which in some cases bar those convicted from voting for life — as a vestige of the racist policies of the South after the Civil War, when states used the criminal justice system to keep blacks from fully participating in society.

As is true with every other policy of this administration, it uses race as a way to veil its true political interest and agenda. Though they have absolutely no legal authority to change how the states determine who is able to vote, just the fact that minorities are more likely to be imprisoned means race might be used as an excuse to seize that authority.

[Holder] has sued Texas and North Carolina to overturn voter-identification laws that studies show are more likely to keep minorities and the poor from voting. He is pushing Congress to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. And he has encouraged low-level drug criminals sentenced during the crack epidemic to apply for clemency.

But race isn’t the real driver behind the administration’s policy on felons voting. That much is clear by just how much political power the Democrats will gain if his wishes were followed:

Studies show that felons who have been denied the right to vote were far more likely to have voted for Democrats than for Republicans. In 2002, scholars at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University concluded that the 2000 presidential election “would almost certainly have been reversed” had felons been allowed to vote.

Can’t wait! With the high rate of recidivism and government handout dependency among felons, Obama’s America will just become even more about the prosperity of producers being shoveled into the greedy hands of the indolent and lawless. Quite a “fundamental transformation.”

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