Obama Admin Transmits To Putin Another Meek ‘Red Line’ On Ukraine

The Obama administration must be trying to jump start the economy through its red paint purchases, because it’s so eager to draw red lines on every foreign policy failure they jump into.

The latest is a toothless warning to the Russians if they dare to consider involving themselves in the ousting of (pro-Russian) Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych by a popular uprising:

The Obama administration warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday not to react too aggressively to the fast-moving developments in Ukraine, where pro-Western demonstrators forced the nation’s Moscow-backed president from power over the weekend.

National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice said the situation unfolding in Kiev “reflects the will of the Ukrainian people and the interests of the United States and Europe,” and that Russia would be making a “grave mistake” if it sends in military forces to try to reverse the developments — or to seize control of pro-Moscow eastern Ukraine.

While Putin has made no such declaration of intent to interfere in Ukraine, there are many Russians demanding that he needs to take steps to protect ethnic Russians in the liberated country. There are unsubstantiated reports on social media that Putin is moving military assets towards Ukraine, but none are confirmed yet.

What’s next, a sternly worded letter? Keep in mind that this is about the 50th “red line” warning this administration has made to different world actors, including Obama’s petulant demand that Bashar al-Assad step down from power (he’s still there), and his declaration of “outrage” at Yanukovych having political dissidents shot. He didn’t even have the nerve to say anything about the uprising of Iranian citizens against their own autocratic regime.

Wait, wouldn’t a “red line” be considered a welcome mat to red commies? Now it all makes sense!