HuffPo Editor Stuffed More Stupid Into One Tweet About The Oscars Than Previously Thought Possible


Howard Fineman is the editorial Director of Huffington Post, an MSNBC and NBC analyst, and now, championship winning failure at tweeting clever observations about popular American events.

While we expect Obama’s fawning media accomplices to trip over themselves, bumbling like a socialist healthcare website roll-out to bring in their unnatural love of Obama to every event, Howie really outdid himself.

Behold – the misbegotten progeny of epic fail and epic derp:


The collective intellect of Twitter, such as it is, could not muster enough brain power to decipher just what in the heck Howie was trying to transmit to us. It wasn’t funny enough to be a joke. Does he actually believe that the “diversity” and “tolerance” in Hollywood is due to Obama? And then to further pit this multicultural “power” against the hard power of Putin? Really? I imagine the Ukrainians aren’t really impressed with Obama’s Oscar power right about now.

That was just a small taste of the ridicule Howie got, so he felt it necessary to gird up his loins of derp and followed up with this:



That’s how Reagan brought the Soviet Union down – cultural appeal, you guys. All the kids are doing these days. By which I mean, children who get elected into political positions of global importance. By which I mean Obama.

After a few hundred recommendations that perhaps Howie might want to lay off the Vodka before he continues tweeting, he admitted that even his wife thought that was not the most brilliant observation:


After a few more hundred recommendations that he maybe quit all alcohols cold turkey, Howie confirmed that he had indeed been drunk-tweeting:


And with that, Howie won the Oscar for the dumbest Tweet full of dumb ever.

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