Stop Supporting Conservative Websites That Shamelessly Steal Our Art; Update with Petition


So I usually don’t do this, because there is a lot of thievery in the blogger world, and a lot of it you either can’t prove, or it’s just best to let go. If I tracked down every person that stole my posts or artwork, I’d probably have no time to write those posts or compose that art. But in this case, it’s so blatant, and from a large and popular conservative website, that I just can’t stay quiet.

The Facebook page for “Right Change” shamelessly stole my work, redid the text to make it look original, and then added their logo after taking mine off:


For their thieving efforts, they got more than three thousand shares of my image, which enhances their page.

This is not a small thing – stealing an image steals my work and lets them benefit from my talent, and it happens to all artists, but it should absolutely NOT happen in the conservative community where we’re supposed to be about private rights as one of our philosophical pillars.

So I’m asking you to help me out by going to their page and demanding they take down their stolen image and post my original with my logo. They haven’t responded at all yet, so even a complaint to Facebook would be in line.

Don’t support these pathetic shameless thieves.

Another thing you could do to help the cause is retweet my original, and post on Facebook to make sure more people see it with my logo and not the plagiarized version:


Travis Clay has posted a petition on Change.Org to try to pressure the owners to take the stolen artwork down and replace with my original – please sign it!