Watch Trey Gowdy’s Epic Speech on the Floor of Congress That May Be a Defining Moment for America

We’ve finally gotten to the point where Congress had to pass a law to make sure that the laws they pass are enforced. Basically, they passed a law to tell President Obama to do his job and quit screwing around with the Constitution.

In a speech that Representative Trey Gowdy really shouldn’t have had to make, he explains angrily to the Congress what its job is, and to Obama what his job is. Members were heard to applaud as he reached this crescendo:

“Mister Speaker, the House of Representatives does not exist to pass suggestions. We do not exist to pass ideas. We make law. And while you are free to strand and clap when any president comes into this hallowed chamber and promises to do it with or without you, I will never stand and clap – when any president, no matter whether he’s your party or mine, promises to make us a constitutional anomaly and afterthought. WE MAKE LAW.”

So they’re finally reading their job descriptions – can they actually fulfill them?

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