Duck Dynasty Stars Help Make A Military Homecoming Very Special


Will and Kori Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” helped make a military homecoming very special for one kid who thought he was just touring the “Duck Commander” warehouse, but found an unsuspected surprise – his father a week early from his last tour of duty in Afghanistan.

After a 7-month deployment in Afghanistan, Master Sergeant Scott Schreck is home.

More than 7,000 miles sat between Scott and his 10-year-old son, Josh who had no idea his dad was waiting for him just a few feet behind this gate. He thought he was missing school to take an exclusive tour of the Duck Commander Warehouse with Willie and his wife Korie Robertson. 

“It was kind of weird because we came home last night and I wasn’t’ able to grab him,” said Scott.  “I wanted to do the surprise so it’s going to be, it’s going to be awesome.” 

After 19-years in the Air Force, Scott says he’s used to tearful goodbyes and hellos. 

“This will be a special one, a good memory.”

Willie Robertson and the other Duck Dynasty stars had met Schreck last Christmas at a USO tour, and that memory encouraged them to accept this homecoming idea when his older son emailed Duck Commander with the suggestion.

Can you think of the last time a Hollywood movie star did something this touching for a member of our military? That’s exactly why the Duck Dynasty family is so beloved among Americans despite the media onslaught to paint them as racists or bigots. God bless’em.

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