The Four Whores-Men Democrats Of The Midterm-O-Pocalypse!!


Four Democrats have taken the “culture of corruption” and made it into a full-blown political movement this week by committing acts that made the FBI either arrest them or raid their offices and homes. Murder-for-hire, gun trafficking, corruption, illegal Chinese cigarettes, stealing money from the taxpayer, and chiropractic bribery – these are the favored crimes of the “Filthy Four” Democrats!

1) New York Assemblyman William Scarborough’s office raided over possible travel expense fraud

DEMOCRAT William Scarborough had his home and offices raided by the FBI in an attempt to investigate the claim that he had fudged his travel expenses and cheated the taxpayer out of thousands of dollars. So far this year he’s put in for $10,350 in total expenses, while last year he claimed $28,438 in reimbursements, and $33,986 in 2012!

While Willie “the drifter” Scarborough hasn’t been formally charged, his denial of the accusations carry a very interesting tidbit that might signal the trouble he’s really in:

“They said to me for, example ‘All right we’d like for you to take responsibility and help us if you know of any corruption,’ and the reality is I don’t know of any corruption because if anything seems to come my way, I try to get out of it,” he said.

Wait a minute – his defense for not knowing about corruption is saying that whenever it comes his way he avoids it? Doesn’t that imply he knows about corruption?

2) North Carolina Mayor resigns after corruption arrest!

DEMOCRAT Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned in disgrace after being arrested on corruption charges:

He is accused of accepting more than $48K in cash, airline tickets, hotel rooms and an apartment from undercover FBI agents.

How did they nab Pat “surefire” Canon? The old “let’s act like chiropractors trying to buy legislation” trick! C’mon Pat, that’s the oldest one in the book! Hope he at least got a massage out of it before FBI agents crashed the party and raided his offices and home:

They were also searching for a leather briefcase that agents say they stuffed with cash for the February visit to the mayor’s office.

If convicted on all charges, Cannon faces up to 50 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines.

Yikes! If he did receive some chiropractic massages, they certainly did not have a happy ending.

3) Rhode Island Speaker of the House resigns after offices and home raided by the FBI!

DEMOCRAT Speaker of the House Gordon Fox couldn’t speak his way out of the FBI raiding his own house, and his offices, but so far, he also hasn’t been charged:

With no public warning Friday, agents from the Rhode Island State Police, US attorney’s office, FBI, and the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service swarmed the speaker’s office, told employees to step outside, and then hauled away boxes of potential evidence. Agents also visited Fox’s home in Providence. The investigators executed two federal search warrants, said Jim Martin, a spokesman for Peter F. Neronha, the US attorney for Rhode Island.

Fox announced Saturday he would resign the speakership he has held for four years and will not run again for the House seat he first won in 1992. He has not directly addressed the substance of the investigation.

Gordie “the Cipher” Fox was the first openly gay House speaker, and whatever the Feds think they have on him is still a mystery, but we sincerely doubt he’d hang up his spurs without there being some skeletons in the closet! No pun intended.

4) Leland “the Gun-Grabber” Yee’s gun trafficking to Islamist rebels with his sidekick, “Shrimp Boy”!

It doesn’t get much slimier than DEMOCRAT Leland Yee’s incredible story of hypocritical gun trafficking. The California state Senator was arrested along with twenty-five of his pals on Thursday, including Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, who the Feds believe presided over Chinatown murders like an Obamacare death panel judge! Amazingly, Leland Yee was caught on tape telling an FBI undercover operative that he could import weapons from Russia through Newark, New Jersey and supply them to whomever he wanted.

On his client list was the MILF (no joking), a group of Islamist rebels attempting to take over the Philippines! And to top it all off, Yee was a virulent, dedicated advocate of gun control, and even wanted to restrict sales of violent video games! For the children, of course.

Here’s a Sooper artist’s conception of Leland being taken into custody:


We have to hand it to you, Democrats! You’ve provided us with a lot of jaw-dropping hysterical hypocrisy this week to entertain us and bring us mirthful glee. Please keep up the good work of showing just how honest government is when Democrats are in charge! We sincerely appreciate your efforts before the midterms…

Finally Obama Will Fulfill Constitutional Duty The Founders Intended: To Regulate Bovine Flatulence!