WATCH As Even SNL Can’t Help But Make Fun Of Obama’s Embarrassing Obamacare Marketing!


We expect Saturday Night Live to always ridicule Republicans, but Obama’s recent forays into social media marketing for Obamacare have been so embarrassing that even they had to criticize him for it in a very hilarious opening sketch.

But it wasn’t all right-wing propaganda unfortunately!

Ridicule is one of man’s most potent weapons. That’s why comedian Louis C.K.’s hilarious monologue was so effective in pushing liberal narratives. Louis went through most of the gamut of the liberal agenda, from feminism to greedy Americans, to mocking God, and deriding men and boys. But you have to hand it to him – it’s really funny.

Here is the leftist reaction from Twitter if you don’t believe me:



The other very funny sketch was “Black Jeopardy” – again, it was used to mostly make fun of and deride white people, another favorite liberal pastime:

Pay attention conservatives – this is how you win a culture. Having reason and logic on your side is fantastic, it really is, but for the great “unwashed masses,” a clever witticism is more persuasive than all the pie charts and statistics you can ever put in front of them. That’s party why I do what I do, though I try to employ pie charts too. Because I love pie.

Send me pies.

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