Obama Celebrates Man Who Was Virulently Anti-Illegal Immigration On Cesar Chavez Day!


In one of the most shocking hypocrisies of Obama’s tenure, he actually proclaimed that Cesar Chavez’ birthday be celebrated to honor a man who was vehemently against illegal immigrants! Who was that man? Cesar Chavez!

Let me explain. Cesar Chavez is lauded by the left for organizing farm-workers in order to improve their work environment. Because so many of these workers were Hispanic, many take him up as an inspiring leader for Hispanic causes. But this is problematic for Obama in attempting to co-opt Chavez’ iconic status because while he’s pressing for “comprehensive immigration reform” that would normalize many illegal immigrants. And Chavez had a very strong dislike for illegal immigrants.

In fact, he was so much against illegal immigration, he took direct action to stop them! Miriam Pawell, who wrote a biography of Chavez:

“He launched the ‘Illegals Campaign’ in 1974, it was in the context of strike breakers and easy availability of people who were brought across the border [by U.S. employers] to replace striking workers.”

Chavez’s cousin, Manuel, started what was known as the “wet line,” a series of tents along a 25-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexican border along Arizona where some 300 members of what was then the United Farm Workers Union patrolled – to keep would-be border crossers out.

Imagine that – the supposed Latino saint had an opinion that liberals now consider to be racist. But as we’ve seen before, they don’t let facts hinder an opportunity to advance their political agenda. In a yearly tradition, Obama declared today “Cesar Chavez Day” by White House proclamation, and the Labor Secretary went so far as to advocate for immigration reform by specifically appealing to the memory of Chavez!

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez invoked the late labor leader Cesar Chavez in an official statement, citing his “vision and moral example” should be used to, among other things, “fixing our broken immigration system.” Left out of the statement was that Chavez was an outspoken opponent of immigration.

What Chavez understood is what liberals are ignoring now – illegal immigration drives down the wages of the common American worker. He even looked down at illegals because he saw that they didn’t really care about the country, they just wanted to take advantage of expanded economic opportunities. Try saying that out loud today without liberals coming out of the woodwork to scream, “racist!”

It’s one thing to ignore history, but it’s a completely different thing to absolutely pervert and torture history in order to force it to fit your vision of the world.

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