Obama Celebrates Man Who Was Virulently Anti-Illegal Immigration On Cesar Chavez Day!


In one of the most shocking hypocrisies of Obama’s tenure, he actually proclaimed that Cesar Chavez’ birthday be celebrated to honor a man who was vehemently against illegal immigrants! Who was that man? Cesar Chavez!

Let me explain. Cesar Chavez is lauded by the left for organizing farm-workers in order to improve their work environment. Because so many of these workers were Hispanic, many take him up as an inspiring leader for Hispanic causes. But this is problematic for Obama in attempting to co-opt Chavez’ iconic status because while he’s pressing for “comprehensive immigration reform” that would normalize many illegal immigrants. And Chavez had a very strong dislike for illegal immigrants.

In fact, he was so much against illegal immigration, he took direct action to stop them! Miriam Pawell, who wrote a biography of Chavez:

“He launched the ‘Illegals Campaign’ in 1974, it was in the context of strike breakers and easy availability of people who were brought across the border [by U.S. employers] to replace striking workers.”

Chavez’s cousin, Manuel, started what was known as the “wet line,” a series of tents along a 25-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexican border along Arizona where some 300 members of what was then the United Farm Workers Union patrolled – to keep would-be border crossers out.

Imagine that – the supposed Latino saint had an opinion that liberals now consider to be racist. But as we’ve seen before, they don’t let facts hinder an opportunity to advance their political agenda. In a yearly tradition, Obama declared today “Cesar Chavez Day” by White House proclamation, and the Labor Secretary went so far as to advocate for immigration reform by specifically appealing to the memory of Chavez!

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez invoked the late labor leader Cesar Chavez in an official statement, citing his “vision and moral example” should be used to, among other things, “fixing our broken immigration system.” Left out of the statement was that Chavez was an outspoken opponent of immigration.

What Chavez understood is what liberals are ignoring now – illegal immigration drives down the wages of the common American worker. He even looked down at illegals because he saw that they didn’t really care about the country, they just wanted to take advantage of expanded economic opportunities. Try saying that out loud today without liberals coming out of the woodwork to scream, “racist!”

It’s one thing to ignore history, but it’s a completely different thing to absolutely pervert and torture history in order to force it to fit your vision of the world.

The Filthy Four! Democrats Who Have Been Arrested Or Raided By The FBI This Week!

WATCH As Even SNL Can’t Help But Make Fun Of Obama’s Embarrassing Obamacare Marketing!

We expect Saturday Night Live to always ridicule Republicans, but Obama’s recent forays into social media marketing for Obamacare have been so embarrassing that even they had to criticize him for it in a very hilarious opening sketch.

But it wasn’t all right-wing propaganda unfortunately!

Ridicule is one of man’s most potent weapons. That’s why comedian Louis C.K.’s hilarious monologue was so effective in pushing liberal narratives. Louis went through most of the gamut of the liberal agenda, from feminism to greedy Americans, to mocking God, and deriding men and boys. But you have to hand it to him – it’s really funny.

Here is the leftist reaction from Twitter if you don’t believe me:

The other very funny sketch was “Black Jeopardy” – again, it was used to mostly make fun of and deride white people, another favorite liberal pastime:

Pay attention conservatives – this is how you win a culture. Having reason and logic on your side is fantastic, it really is, but for the great “unwashed masses,” a clever witticism is more persuasive than all the pie charts and statistics you can ever put in front of them. That’s party why I do what I do, though I try to employ pie charts too. Because I love pie.

Send me pies.

The Four Whores-Men Democrats Of The Midterm-O-Pocalypse!!

The Four Whores-Men Democrats Of The Midterm-O-Pocalypse!!

Four Democrats have taken the “culture of corruption” and made it into a full-blown political movement this week by committing acts that made the FBI either arrest them or raid their offices and homes. Murder-for-hire, gun trafficking, corruption, illegal Chinese cigarettes, stealing money from the taxpayer, and chiropractic bribery – these are the favored crimes of the “Filthy Four” Democrats!

1) New York Assemblyman William Scarborough’s office raided over possible travel expense fraud

DEMOCRAT William Scarborough had his home and offices raided by the FBI in an attempt to investigate the claim that he had fudged his travel expenses and cheated the taxpayer out of thousands of dollars. So far this year he’s put in for $10,350 in total expenses, while last year he claimed $28,438 in reimbursements, and $33,986 in 2012!

While Willie “the drifter” Scarborough hasn’t been formally charged, his denial of the accusations carry a very interesting tidbit that might signal the trouble he’s really in:

“They said to me for, example ‘All right we’d like for you to take responsibility and help us if you know of any corruption,’ and the reality is I don’t know of any corruption because if anything seems to come my way, I try to get out of it,” he said.

Wait a minute – his defense for not knowing about corruption is saying that whenever it comes his way he avoids it? Doesn’t that imply he knows about corruption?

2) North Carolina Mayor resigns after corruption arrest!

DEMOCRAT Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned in disgrace after being arrested on corruption charges:

He is accused of accepting more than $48K in cash, airline tickets, hotel rooms and an apartment from undercover FBI agents.

How did they nab Pat “surefire” Canon? The old “let’s act like chiropractors trying to buy legislation” trick! C’mon Pat, that’s the oldest one in the book! Hope he at least got a massage out of it before FBI agents crashed the party and raided his offices and home:

They were also searching for a leather briefcase that agents say they stuffed with cash for the February visit to the mayor’s office.

If convicted on all charges, Cannon faces up to 50 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines.

Yikes! If he did receive some chiropractic massages, they certainly did not have a happy ending.

3) Rhode Island Speaker of the House resigns after offices and home raided by the FBI!

DEMOCRAT Speaker of the House Gordon Fox couldn’t speak his way out of the FBI raiding his own house, and his offices, but so far, he also hasn’t been charged:

With no public warning Friday, agents from the Rhode Island State Police, US attorney’s office, FBI, and the criminal investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service swarmed the speaker’s office, told employees to step outside, and then hauled away boxes of potential evidence. Agents also visited Fox’s home in Providence. The investigators executed two federal search warrants, said Jim Martin, a spokesman for Peter F. Neronha, the US attorney for Rhode Island.

Fox announced Saturday he would resign the speakership he has held for four years and will not run again for the House seat he first won in 1992. He has not directly addressed the substance of the investigation.

Gordie “the Cipher” Fox was the first openly gay House speaker, and whatever the Feds think they have on him is still a mystery, but we sincerely doubt he’d hang up his spurs without there being some skeletons in the closet! No pun intended.

4) Leland “the Gun-Grabber” Yee’s gun trafficking to Islamist rebels with his sidekick, “Shrimp Boy”!

It doesn’t get much slimier than DEMOCRAT Leland Yee’s incredible story of hypocritical gun trafficking. The California state Senator was arrested along with twenty-five of his pals on Thursday, including Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, who the Feds believe presided over Chinatown murders like an Obamacare death panel judge! Amazingly, Leland Yee was caught on tape telling an FBI undercover operative that he could import weapons from Russia through Newark, New Jersey and supply them to whomever he wanted.

On his client list was the MILF (no joking), a group of Islamist rebels attempting to take over the Philippines! And to top it all off, Yee was a virulent, dedicated advocate of gun control, and even wanted to restrict sales of violent video games! For the children, of course.

Here’s a Sooper artist’s conception of Leland being taken into custody:

We have to hand it to you, Democrats! You’ve provided us with a lot of jaw-dropping hysterical hypocrisy this week to entertain us and bring us mirthful glee. Please keep up the good work of showing just how honest government is when Democrats are in charge! We sincerely appreciate your efforts before the midterms…

Finally Obama Will Fulfill Constitutional Duty The Founders Intended: To Regulate Bovine Flatulence!

At Obama Putin Phone Call, A Whole Lot Of Talking And Very Little Listening

While we’ll never know exactly how the phone call went, if you read how the Obama administration described the conversation between Putin and Obama, and how the Russians described it, you’d think they were two completely different phone calls.

Here’s the readout from the Obama admin:

President Obama underscored to President Putin that the United States continues to support a diplomatic  path in close consultation with the Government of Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crisis.  President Obama made clear that this remains possible only if Russia pulls back its troops and does not take any steps to further violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.  President Obama reiterated that the United States has strongly opposed the actions that Russia has already taken to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Every sentence begins with words making it appear that he was in charge, “underscoring,” “making clear,” and “reiterating” his demands to Putin. Now here’s Russia’s version:

Vladimir Putin drew Barack Obama’s attention to continued rampage of extremists who are committing acts of intimidation towards peaceful residents, government authorities and law enforcement agencies in various regions and in Kiev with impunity.

In light of this, the President of Russia suggested examining possible steps the global community can take to help stabilise the situation. The two presidents agreed that specific parameters for this joint work will be discussed by the Russian and US foreign ministers in the near future.

Vladimir Putin also pointed out that Transnistria is essentially experiencing a blockade, which significantly complicate the living conditions for the region’s residents, impeding their movement and normal trade and economic activities. He stressed that Russia stands for the fair and comprehensive settlement of the Transnistria conflict…

Wasn’t this president supposed to be the best, most persuasive ever? Yet when you read the Russian version it sounds like Obama is cooperating to help Putin “protect” the citizens of Ukraine. The White House version has Obama practically berating Putin, while the Russian version has him going along with Putin’s plans.

Aren’t you glad we have a community organizer in charge of the free world?

The Only Picture Of Alleged Gun Trafficker Leland Yee and Nancy Pelosi (So Far); UPDATE: NO It’s Not!


Bloggers are scouring the internet to try to find a picture of alleged gun trafficker and gun control advocate (!) California state Senator Leland Yee with Nancy Pelosi without any luck. As you might have known, I’ve had my work stripped of my logo lately, so when I found this picture I decided to saturate it with my logo. Try stealing it now! Anyway there’s the alleged hypocrite with the first chupacabra of the U.S. House:

Feel free to uh, repost. With credit. Of course.


I can act like I was joking, but I’ll just admit I screwed up, ok? Apparently that’s not Leland Yee, it’s Bob Matsui. I’m leaving this up in case he’s ever accused of running guns to Islamists in the Philippines. My apologies for the error.

WATCH: This Dallas Charity Transforms Donated Bridal Gowns Into A Very Meaningful Gift For Grieving Families

VIDEO: CA Democrat Arrested For Allegedly Conspiring To Sell Guns, Missile Launchers To Muslim Rebels

Democratic California state Senator Leland Yee will become the poster boy for the most hypocritical leftist gun control advocacy after being arrested Wednesday night for allegedly trafficking in… you guessed it! Guns!

Not just any guns, mind you – he is being accused of looking into supplying assault weapons and shoulder-launched missiles to rebel Muslims. Yes. Really:

On Page 84 of a federal criminal complaint, the undercover agent “UCE 4599″ describes a conversation with Senator Leland Yee and political consultant Keith Jackson and about sales of guns, assault weapons, and even shoulder-launched missiles to support Muslim rebels fighting the government in the Philippines.

In other parts of the Federal criminal complaint, Yee is said to have relayed to undercover agent that his gun trafficking source brought in his weapons from Russia, but had contacts in Ukraine, Boston and Southern California. One of Yee’s associates was also arrested for some pretty heinous acts committed under the humorous moniker of “Shrimp Boy.”

From the LA Times:

The organized crime figure known as Shrimp Boy, whose name is Raymond Chow, identifies himself as the “dragon head” of that Freemason organization on his Facebook page. The indictment says that Chow, 54, whose criminal history includes racketeering and robbery, has a position of “supreme authority” in the Triad, an international organized crime group.

…The federal complaint reads like a bad crime novel with off-the-books firearms deals made in parking lots and confessions whispered in a booth at a karaoke bar. Chow is described as a “judge” in his organization — if one member of the group kills another, it’s up to Chow to determine whether the killing was justified.

Leland Yee had worked on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s campaign, and got her endorsement for his own campaign. While the video above from the LA Times neglects to admit it, Yee was an outspoken advocate of gun control. In the news report below, Yee is shown saying that there is no reason for any Californian to own an “assault weapon.” He histrionically declares that there can be “no debate, no discussion:”


Can you taste the hypocrisy? Here’s a pretty amazing tweet from his gun ban advocacy:

Certain members of the media have already been trying to downplay the incredible charges, so don’t expect to see the story developed too much in the mainstream media. We’ll have up to date developments as soon as possible.

State Senator Tells Gun Rights Advocate ‘Go F**k Yourself’ When Challenged On 2nd Amendment!

WATCH: This Dallas Charity Transforms Donated Bridal Gowns Into A Very Meaningful Gift For Grieving Families

If you have a bridal gown taking up space in your closet and you’d like to do something very special with it, consider donating it to NICU Helping Hands, a Fort Worth charity that makes “angel gowns” to be worn by babies that weren’t able to make it home from the hospital.

From KHOU:

Lisa Grubbs is the wife of a specialist for premature babies. She and her husband believe the passing of a child is a sacred event that should be honored. It’s one reason she started NICU Helping Hands, a Fort Worth organization created to support parents both educationally and emotionally.

One of their missions is to insure parents who lose babies in the hospital have something special and sacred to bury them in.

Grubbs has gathered a small team of volunteer seamstresses to transform bridal gowns into unique and beautiful works of art. A single wedding dress can make a dozen or more of the tiny angel gowns. Many look like satin or silk christening gowns for baby dolls.

“Often, we would just wrap little babies just in tiny little hospital blankets or washrags or towels, and we didn’t really have much to offer those families,” said Amy Vickers, a former NICU nurse who saw a need and volunteered to sew. “It doesn’t take the hurt away from them. But it just lets them know that we feel like their baby’s life means something.”

Here’s the video of the first reporting of the charity from KHOU:


In the video below from a local news station, the reporter chokes up at the overwhelming response from viewers who saw the story, and donated over a hundred bridal gowns.


What a powerful and meaningful message to send grieving parents that those unknown to them grieve also with them in such a tragic time. God bless these volunteers and the little angels they donate their time for.

To learn more about Helping Hands, or to donate, visit their website here.

A ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Unashamedly Talked About Her Christian Faith – And The Audience Loved It!

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contestant Unashamedly Shared Her Christian Faith & The Audience Loved It!

Candace Cameron Bure got a huge reaction from the audience of Dancing With The Stars after proudly talking about what you don’t usually hear from Hollywood actors – her Christian faith. From US Weekly:

“I’m a Christian. My life revolves around my relationship with Jesus Christ,” Bure, 37, said before dancing the rumba with partner Mark Ballas. “So with the overall tone of the dance and the costumes I’m not going to take a backseat. My voice will definitely be heard.”

When Bure mentioned her faith, “the entire crowd in the ballroom cheered and clapped really loudly,” an onlooker told Us Weekly. She also had several family members attending the live show.

The former child star of Full House also made it clear that she’d stick to more modest fashion choices and dancing style, owing to her Christian beliefs:

“I won’t be the sexiest one out there. I am a mom and I want to be a good role model for my children and my husband,” she told Us at the time. “I think for each dance we’ll wear what reflects the dance but in the most classy way possible.”

It’s refreshing to see someone extolling good values for once on television! Let’s hope she’s not voted off soon for it…

Video: Civilian Fatally Shoots Sailor At Norfolk Naval Station And Then Shot To Death By Security

Scant details have been released about a shooting that has taken two lives at Naval Station Norfolk late Monday evening.

From Fox News:

Terri Davis says the shooting happened around 11:20 p.m. Monday aboard the USS Mahan, a destroyer. Davis would not describe the circumstances of the shooting but said the scene is secure. 

Davis says the two killed were both males but she didn’t have any other information on them. She could not say if the civilian had permission to be aboard the ship or not. No other injuries were reported.

This is especially disconcerting after the Naval Shipyard shooting that took 12 lives in September. More details:

The base — the largest naval installation in the world — was briefly put on lockdown after the shooting as a precaution, but that was later lifted. Operations have returned to normal at the base, with counselors available, the Navy said in a news release, but enlisted sailors on the Mahan were not to report to duty Tuesday.

To get on the base, civilians must be escorted or have a pass. Each base entrance is guarded, and all 13 piers have additional security forces.

May the fallen sailor rest in peace. We’ll update as more information becomes available, especially about a motivation behind the shooting.

Britain Recognizes Sharia Law And Enshrines Gender Discrimination For The First Time

SooperVideo!! Are You Ready For The Get Covered Big Monster Truck Rally?!?

My good friend Matt Dawson came up with a pretty good idea for a funny fake commercial for our podcast, and it turned out so well, we decided to make it a video commercial. Can’t be much worse than the crap the Obama administration is tossing out!! Enjoy!!

Listen to our last podcast to hear it as an audio commercial.

Obamacare Treads On Obama

Britain Recognizes Sharia Law And Enshrines Gender Discrimination For The First Time

Britain has allowed courts recognizing Sharia law to run alongside their own, but they’re making a further move to substantively approve of the Muslim religious precepts, including many that institute discrimination against women and illegitimate children.

From the Telegraph:

Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.

Under ground-breaking guidance, produced by The Law Society, High Street solicitors will be able to write Islamic wills that deny women an equal share of inheritances and exclude unbelievers altogether.

 The documents, which would be recognised by Britain’s courts, will also prevent children born out of wedlock – and even those who have been adopted – from being counted as legitimate heirs.

This is what happens when a culture weakens its own principles in favor of amorphous multicultural ones. Eventually, a stronger culture simply undermines and supplants the impoverished values it encounters. Luckily there are those who see the threat and oppose it in Britain:

Lady Cox said: “Everyone has freedom to make their own will and everyone has freedom to let those wills reflect their religious beliefs. But to have an organisation such as The Law Society seeming to promote or encourage a policy which is inherently gender discriminatory in a way which will have very serious implications for women and possibly for children is a matter of deep concern.”

Think it can’t happen in America? Go listen to all the voices, mostly on the left, who say that we should be more like Europe, and how they incorporate and advocate for multiculturalism. Unless we recognize and strengthen those American principles and traditions that made us so prosperous and free, it’s only a matter of time before the same kind of cultural supplanting is manifested within our shores as well.

Obamacare ‘Get Covered Now’ Campaign Gets Parodied Now