NY Times Columnist Fantasizes About Republicans Being Mercilessly Slaughtered By ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters


On Sunday, Maureen Dowd’s readers were graced with her bloodthirsty dreams of sending off Republicans to the fantastical lands of the popular show Game of Thrones in order to have them murdered by her favorite characters. Perhaps this is a weekly private meditation for Ms. Dowd, but she finally allowed the rest of the world a sneak peak at her death fetishes:

“After a marathon of three seasons of ‘Game’ and the beginning of the fourth, starting this Sunday, I’m ready to forgo reality for fantasy. Who wants to cover Chris Christie’s petty little revenge schemes in New Jersey once you’ve seen the gory revenge grandeur of the Red Wedding? Who wants to see W.’s portraits of leaders once you’re used to King Joffrey putting leaders’ heads on stakes?

It all seems so tame and meaningless in Washington after Westeros. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul wouldn’t survive a fortnight in King’s Landing. Charles Dance’s icy Tywin Lannister, ruling over a kingdom more interested in dismemberment than disgruntled members, would have the Rains of Castamere playing as soon as he saw those pretenders to the throne. As for House Republicans, or should that be the House of Republicans, life would be mercifully short.”

As if her grotesque murder fantasies weren’t enough, she added a feminist twinge to up the creepiness factor!
“Who wants to hear Hillary Clinton complain about a media double standard for women once you’ve gotten accustomed to the win-don’t-whine philosophy of Cersei, Daenerys, Melisandre, Margaery, Ygritte, Brienne and Arya? As it turns out, the show not only has its share of strong women, but plenty of lethal ones as well.”

You hear that, Hillary? Dowd wants to see some blood during your presidential campaign! After all, what difference, at this point, would it make?

H/T: Daily Caller

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