IRS Employees Brazenly Campaigned For Obama And Your Tax Money Paid For It!


IRS employees are being investigated for actually actively campaigning for Obama and other Democrats while on government time to taxpayers seeking information on how to pay their taxes. Amazingly, we’re supposed to still believe that there is no basis for the accusations of IRS targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

From the Washington Times:

In one case the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates federal employees who conduct politics on government time, said it was “commonplace” in a Dallas IRS office for employees to have pro-Obama screensavers on their computers, and to have campaign-style buttons and stickers at their office.

In another case, a worker at the tax agency’s customer help line urged taxpayers “to re-elect President Obama in 2012 by repeatedly reciting a chant based on the spelling of his last name,” the Office of Special Counsel said in a statement.

…Another IRS employee in Kentucky has agreed to serve a 14-day suspension for blasting Republicans in a conversation with a taxpayer.

 “They’re going to take women back 40 years,” the IRS employee said in a conversation that was recorded. The employee also said that “if you vote for a Republican, the rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer.”

That employee went on to tell the taxpayer she knew she wasn’t supposed to be voicing her political opinions, and asked the taxpayer not to say anything.

What kind of government office is run so poorly that the employees felt they had absolute carte blanche to rant to taxpayers about voting for Obama? This is an absolute disgrace and all Americans should be offended by this, but how many on the left will even hear about this or care to comment?