Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney’s Home Has Proudly Displayed Soviet Propaganda Posters in Mag Pic

“Washington Mom” magazine readers got an interesting look into Obama press secretary Jay Carney’s home life which included some odd but somewhat telling decorations – soviet propaganda posters! The profile focused on his wife, presenting a glowing picture of a happy family:

carney family-1

Look closer at the background and you’ll get a glimpse at these:

carney family-2

Pretty nefarious subliminal messaging to his family that they better follow his orders! Or perhaps they’re ingenious attempts to impress upon the barren minds of the magazine’s readers that they need to “enlist” into the Obamacare army!

What are the chances that Putin’s friends have pro-American posters at their homes? And we wonder why Obama’s fecklessness is ridiculed in the global community.

March, red army, to your nearest computron and enlist via HealthCare.Gov – unless it’s down at the moment, then take a nap, go cash your Obama unemployment check or just have a nice cup of cocoa in your pajamaswhile you wait for your statist masters to redistribute healthcare to you from the greedy and racist wealthy exploiter class.

Here’s my version :


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