Another Embarrassing ‘Glitch’; Obama Screws Up Correspondents Dinner Speech With a Missing Slide

Obama’s speechwriters supplied him with many jokes at his political opponents’ expense, but he must have put the Obamacare website developers in charge of the slides, because they screwed that up and embarrassed the leader of the free world.

The moment was made even worse by a joke that was supposed to make Kathleen Sebelius look competent a minute later. Obama announces that he’s recorded a video to thank the news media that has hit (another) snag. This time, he says, “What’s going on? I was told this would work – does anyone know how to fix this?”

That Kathleen Sebelius comes out and “fixes” the video with a few keyboard taps is supposed to be funny, but it only highlights that he actually screwed up a slide just a few moments earlier.

At least this time his mistake didn’t result in millions of Americans losing their healthcare again.

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