Oh Look, Here Are Six Times That Democrats Shamelessly Raised Funds From Tragedies


One of the more hypocritical attacks on Republicans trying to find answers about Benghazi is the accusation that it’s merely a fundraising campaign. Of course, Democrats would never use a tragedy to raise funds from the American people right? These six tragedies shamelessly used by Democrats to raise funds were probably an accident, right?

The Sandy Hook Child Shootings

Obama’s team must have been struck with amnesia after winning in 2012 because they accidentally demanded money from Americans more than once after the terrible Sandy Hook shootings.



It takes a special campaign to plan fundraising “parties” on the deaths of children, but don’t worry America, Obama’s got you covered on child massacre parties.

The Columbine Shootings

They don’t limit their fundraising abilities to the past either – here’s one where OFA got their interns to Google “awful gun tragedies in the past that we can take advantage of,” and ended up on Wikipedia.


Navy Yard Shipyard Shooting

OFA must have accidentally sent out this email making money off of the twelve Americans who died from a crazed gunman who legally purchased his weapons:

obama-fundraising-navy yard

The Gun Tragedy Threefer Letter:

OFA wasn’t screwing around on this one, they used all three, count’em three gun tragedies to shake another nickel out of the pockets of their gullible followers:


Gabby Giffords Shooting

Probably the most heinous and shameless instance comes from Senator Sanders, who sent out a fundraising email actually tying the shooting to, “right-wing reactionaries.” If you’ll remember, the shooter was Jared Loughner who has no appreciable political tendencies. But that didn’t stop people from declaring confidently that he was probably a conservative:


So there you have it! Six instances where Democrats shamelessly raised funds from tragedies where Americans died. And yet any time a Republican dares say that if voters want politicians who take terrorist attacks seriously, they should support Republicans, it’s called a disgrace. Well here are six disgraces in the Democrat column.

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