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Alec Baldwin Suffers Greatest Injustice Ever as He’s Arrested for Riding Bike the Wrong Way


If you want to see a hero, go read the article about the latest Medal of Honor winner – then come back here and laugh at the opposite of a hero, Alec Baldwin. We can all reset our “Alec Baldwin has done something stupid” timers back to zero because he’s been arrested, apparently, for riding his bike the wrong way in New York City.

A source at the NYPD tells In Touch the alarming details of this grave injustice done to the undeniably innocent man:

Alec Baldwin was given two summonses after he was caught riding his bicycle in the wrong direction.

“He was stopped by officers for riding the wrong way on a street. When the officers asked for ID, he got belligerent because he had none on him,” the source explains. “The officers placed him under arrest for disorderly conduct.”


The source adds he was given one summons for riding the wrong way and another for disorderly conduct. He has since been released.

However, a rep for Alec has denied any alleged charges.

“He was not arrested or charged with a crime. He has been released.”


That’s kinda funny, because America’s favorite homophobic “fathead” tweeted something contrary to what his representative said:

Perhaps Michelle Obama can start a hashtag campaign to #FreeAlecBaldwin, since her anti-Boko Haram campaign isn’t exactly going too well. Maybe saving Alec from this little run-in with the authorities is more her speed. Remember, fellow Americans, an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

UPDATE!! Additional details have rolled in from fathead’s amazing bikepocalypse!

alec baldwin bike-1When the cops asked him for identification, Baldwin lost it on them, sources told The Daily News.

“He became belligerent, yelling and screaming at the officers, ‘I don’t have ID. Just give me the f—–g summonses,'” one police source said.

Rene Cardona, 44, of the Bronx, backed up the cops’ account.

“They confiscated the bike from him,” he said. “He got loud.”

“He was riding his bike in the wrong direction when some cops stopped him,” added another witness, 27-year-old Michael Jones of Bellmore, LI. “They were walking him up the avenue. He looked like a tool.”

…Baldwin was still seething when he arrived at Manhattan’s 13th Precinct and was charged with disorderly conduct.

“How old are these officers?” Baldwin groused. “They don’t even know who I am.”

Wow! I don’t usually LOL on my blog, but this deserves a hearty LOL! I guess he’d feel better if the cops were older and knew who he was? What a tool indeed.

He is scheduled to appear in court on July 24th – mark your calendars, sooper readers!

I give it a month before he does something stupid again.

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